The Holiday Table: Bellasera Flatware by Zwilling J.A. Henckels provided me with a 45 piece set service for 8 of Bellasera Flatware by Zwilling J.A. Henckels for review. I don’t know how it is at your house, but at mine, forks and spoons just seem to wander away, and get lost. Once they are lost, they never find their way back home again. It has been years since I had a full set of flatware, and just recently, Fabgrandpa and I had a family of four as guests for dinner, and we did not have enough forks to go around. I know there is no guarantee that all the pieces of this set will be in the flatware drawer a year from now, but I can tell you that I am very happy with this complete new set.

Bellasera by Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Bellasera by Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Aside from this flatware being shiny and new, and a complete set, I like the way it feels in my hands. It has a good, hefty weight to it, and is strong enough that the spoons and fork prongs won’t bend. It seemed like every piece of flatware I had before now was bent in some way just by using it everyday. I like that Bellasera is a simple, plain pattern that will complement any dinnerware pattern I choose to use it with. And, I love the uniqueness of the knives. They are made so that the blade stands upright on the table. I have never seen that in any other flatware pattern before.

Check out these features of Bellasera Flatware:

  • Set includes 45 matching flatware pieces
  • Eight place settings
  • Serving pieces included
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Unique standing knife design
  • Well-balanced pieces
Purchase Bellasera Flatware by Zwilling J.A. Henckels at today for the cook on your Christmas list for only $109.95, which is a savings of 40%.
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  1. Growing up we had the same problem with our flateware. Somehow forks always disappeared! As an adult my problem seems to be with storage containers.

    That’s a beautiful set. I love how simplist some flatware designs have become. They’re so universal to any style and that makes them beautiful and timeless. Great choice.

  2. I like how the knife blade stands on the table, definitely unique. I need a new set of flatware, all of mine are hand-me-downs from my MIL.

  3. I like that flatware. It is very sleek. The knife standing on the blade sounds pretty cool. I also really like JA Henckels products – we have several, and they are very well made.

  4. We’re having issues with spoons ourselves. We definitely need to get a new set sometime soon. It’s getting too tough eating soup with a fork.

  5. I like the shape of this flatware. Everything in my kitchen needs a do-over.

  6. Pretty and oh so modern! I love Henckels products. Really nice quality, too!

  7. I like that this is smooth looking and easy to clean. I’ve went ahead and assigned my girls dishes and they’d never be able to say they couldn’t get the food off because of the design. Oh and I still have the vanishing silverware but for us it is spoons.

  8. That’s beautiful!

    We’ve had out flatware set since we got married (10 years ago) and I think all the pieces are still there. But as my kids are getting older, they are using more dishes on a daily basis. I need to buy a second set just so I don’t have to wash as often!

  9. I figured out this summer where our missing cutlery goes. In the garden! Yes, my darling kiddos used them as tools to dig. Oh man, I was mad. This set is so pretty!

  10. Beautiful! We need new flatware. My crappy, cheap, decade-old stuff is started to break or get lost.

  11. Very simple and pretty! I’m probably super weird but I don’t use silverware (except for food photos). I can’t stand touching metal, especially near my mouth.

  12. I have 2 different sets in my drawer. Both remind me of when I was a kid (the design) and make me giggle thinking about all of the spoons and knives that accidently slid off a plate into the trash with the scraps.

  13. I really like the way it looks!

  14. Flatware is on my wish list- well flatware that all matches and is enough for the entire family- along with dishes that aren’t plastic. Someday…

  15. Gorgeous! Flatware is always in demand at my house. I don’t know what happens, but we tend to lose forks and spoons left an right.

  16. Ooh I love it. I’ve never seen a knife like that before, I love it. I have a JA Henckles knife set we received as a wedding gift and it is a great set!

  17. Ohh I love the set! The knife looks very interesting. It’s always a demand here. Flatware always ends up lost or have scraps on them that is hardly removed so I have to buy another one. I want the ones that lasts for a long time!

  18. That’s a pretty set! I have a set sitting in my closet from that I’ve yet to open. It didn’t turn out to me as pretty as I thought on the site.

  19. So pretty! I’ve never seen a set where the knives stood up before, that’s awesome.

  20. What is it about forks? It’s like socks, I keep losing them. 🙂 Seriously, I have tons of spoons and knives, but I’m always short on forks. I love the sleek clean look of this flatware set!

  21. Spoons disappear in my house all the time. I love the knives! What a great looking set!!

  22. Its really beautiful Karen!

  23. I love the look of those! Exactly what I would choose…we need some new flatware!

  24. I need a new set of flatware. From moving around so much I’m down to 4 forks! I can’t find ANY of them!

  25. Same problem here, we have five forks and nineteen spoons somehow. This looks like a very pretty set of flatware!

  26. I find flatware in the craziest places in this house! We have so many mismatched pieces that I definitely need to buy a nice, new set. Thanks!

  27. I really need new silverware, ours has started slowly disappearing and our silverware drawer is severely lacking right now! LOL!

  28. That flatware is gorgeous! Our silverware drawer is such a mis-match group it is crazy.

  29. That’s pretty cool. I kinda need all new silverware… someday xD

  30. Love that set! 😀 Mine are all mismatched…

  31. Hmm….40% of my forks are missing (we have an elf in the house) and I really love this!

  32. I like the classic, sleek styling on these and the finish is quite pretty as well.

  33. I love that set!! I’d like to get a new set of flatware. Mine is nice, but not what I want now Oh well. I could put it in my sons lunch. He tends to throw everything away…

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