Family Gift Guide: Ultimate Pears Assortment from Jackson & Perkins

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Do you have someone on your Christmas gift list who has everything they could possibly want? Someone who, no matter how hard you try to come up with the perfect gift, they already have it? Well, here is the ultimate gift to send them: The Ultimate Pear Assortment from Jackson & Perkins.

Premium Pear Assortment

Premium Pear Assortment

Do you see how perfectly beautiful the pears are in the picture above? That is exactly how they look when they arrive at your door. I have never had pears that tasted as good as these did. I ate one just by itself, and it was so tender, and juicy, and sweet that I couldn’t believe that was how a pear was supposed to taste. The Premium Pear Assortment is $29.99.  The pears are just one of the wide variety of gifts available from Jackson & Perkins.

You will have a hard time making a decision of what to send from among the variety of Holiday Trees, the scrumptious Gourmet Food Gifts, the beautiful Bulb Gardens, and more. Once you make a decision and send your gift, the recipient will remember your gift as one of their all time favorites.

Hurry up and place an order to make sure it gets there in time for Christmas. If it doesn’t, though, it will still be just as delicious for New Years Day.

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