Pinterest In Practice: Handprint Turkey Craft For Kids

I knew my grandsons, Spencer and Parker, would be coming over today so I looked for a cute craft we could do together. I found just the thing on Pinterest, pinned by Rachel from YellowTennessee. She homeschools her children, so she looks for things they can do for arts and crafts. Here is the cute Handprint Turkey that she pinned on her board,  Craft For Kids:

She used a canvas, paint, and diaper wipes to create her turkey with her daughter’s handprints and footprint.

I decided to use some pretty paper that I had that came from Joann Fabric & Crafts to make ours. This paper comes in a pad, with 48 sheets of printed cardstock. There are several designs to choose from in the pad, with some suitable for this project.

Spencer, who is eleven years old, is almost a little too old for this particular craft, but we wanted to make a keepsake using his handprints and Parker’s footprint. Spencer went first. I spread about five colors of poster paint on a paper plate, then he smooshed his hand down into the paint, and then onto the cardstock. We let it dry for about an hour while Parker was napping before we moved to the next step.

Spencer. Eleven going on twelve.

Spencer. Eleven going on twelve.

Parker is going on 10 months old, and is pretty hefty! I put the black poster paint on a paper plate, then it took two of use get the paint on his chubby little foot. As soon as he felt that paint, his little bottom lip poked out and he started to cry! We sure didn’t expect that to happen. Emily, my daughter, and I managed to get three prints done before he was done with it altogether. That was enough, though, to make one for me, one for Mommy, and one for Donna, the other grandmother.

Parker is getting to be a big boy!

Parker is getting to be a big boy!

As you can see, he was not happy with this game. I think our version turned out really good, and the fancy paper is a nice touch for a framable keepsake from these two brothers.

My Turkey Print

My Turkey Print

I like it.  What do you think?

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  1. That is a very cute Idea, I have seen where the kids trace their hands, but this is cuter with both hands and a foot. Need to babysit tomorrow and will have our little guy try this out for his mama. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very cute! I like that your turkeys are colorful.

  3. This is such a cute idea! I will have to remember it for our granddaughter next year!

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