I Did A Little Sewing This Week

From 1965

From 1965

One of my online friends asked me if I could make her an apron. I went through the patterns I have  and took pictures of them and this is the one she chose. I think it is really cute, but I have never made this one before. I got the pattern at a thrift shop for 10 cents several years ago.  All the pieces were there except for the bell appliques.

It took me a while to get it done, as I am still very slow, and sewing still gives me pain. But I enjoyed every minute of making this cute little apron:

Pink and brown makes a vintage pattern all new

Pink and brown makes a vintage pattern all new

Those little flower appliques are so cute, don’t you think?  If you want one of these, I can make them for $25.

close up of applique

close up of applique


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  1. Glad you are getting back to sewing.

  2. That’s a cute apron, Karen.

  3. I Love it! Thanks so much for making it for me. I’ll think of you every time I wear it. It is just what I wanted! I love the Vintage look.

  4. Super cute. Once again, I’m jealous of your sewing skills.

  5. Margot C says:

    I love old patterns too. It’s what you do with the fabrics that really makes a difference. Your apron is so cute.

  6. That is a very cute apron! I like making aprons, too. I make them mostly for church fairs and giving away as gifts, look for material not expensive but good for an apron. I have one or two patterns, wow, I just realize how old they are!

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