We’re Hanging Pictures Tomorrow

Some of our art collection

Some of our art collection

I am surprised that only one piece of our art collection was broken in the thirteen years that it traveled around with us, stored away in our travel trailer. There were just some things, even though they were impractical for a life on the road, with which I could not bear to part. The two paintings on the right were done by my daughter, Becca. The Trumpet Player was painted on Christmas morning when she was 17. She was so happy to get oil paints that she opened them up on the spot and started painting. I was absolutely amazed at what a beautiful painting she made.

The two on the left are Navajo sand paintings we bought on our last trip home from Arizona. I wanted something that signified good fortune and good health, which is the one on the right, and the one on the left is a painting of pottery. I have loved pottery all my life, and collected it when I had my last house. I still have a few pieces of pottery from that collection, but haven’t put much of it out yet.

And of course, that one in front is me and Fabgrandpa and some of the grandchildren. I couldn’t leave that one in the closet!

Tomorrow, Fabgrandpa and I will be hanging some of this artwork in our living room. I saw these neat picture hangers and love how they make hanging photos and art so easy. It is usually so hard to get everything lined up and level.

My favorite of my artwork at the moment is the one of the Navajo pottery:

My favorite piece of the moment

My favorite piece of the moment

ok then

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  1. Pamla in Louisiana says:

    I would make the exact same thing as Fabgrandma but would omit the meat and ad a handful of green onions. I occasionally make this using regular homecut potatoes, but this would be sooo much faster.

  2. Pamla in Louisiana says:

    Uh oh, that would be ‘Pamela’ in Louisiana, and add instead of ‘ad’ a handful…

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