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Bella and Me

Bella and Me

My doppleganger, Bella the cat. Ok, so we don’t actually look alike, but we do have something in common. Miss Bella, the cat, who belongs to my friend, Kimberly from She Scribes, can not get pet health insurance because she has preexisting conditions! This poor cat is a feline version of me! While she has not had intestinal surgery, she has had several life threatening conditions in her short two years.

I have been told by every insurance company I have contacted that they will not cover me due to my preexisting conditions of Type II diabetes, colitis, and other conditions. Bella’s existing illnesses include asthma, allergies, an enlarged heart and high blood pressure. Poor kitty!

Kimberly told me she has had Bella since she was 1 day old. She found her in a dumpster, and brought her home and fed her and took care of her. She was so tiny her entire body fit in the palm of Kimberly’s hand. The shelter didn’t think she would live because she was a runt. Her sister (who they also fostered) had to be put to sleep at 3 weeks old.

She usually has asthma attacks after she eats or has her medication. The vet says there is redness in her throat and she needs a scope test done to see if there is something deeper down. She takes thyroid medication. The vet is not 100% sure if she truly has an issue or not so she needs to have a test done on her thyroid to determine what is going on. Bella takes six pills a day, which is more than I take!

Kimberly just took Bella to the vet yesterday. The right side of her heart is enlarged. The vet also mentioned something about her blood pressure. So now she has to go to a special Cardiologist (vet) in NJ (Kim lives in NY) to give her another Echocardiogram, a Doppler, put a scope down her throat to check to see if there is anything causing a blockage, and have her thyroid tested to determine how much of a thyroid problem she has. The visit to the vet yesterday was $775, and the estimated cost of the trip to the kitty cardiologist is $1000.

Bella and I are mad as heck!

Bella and I are mad as heck!

Kimberly told me that there have been people who have told her to just put Bella down! That makes me really mad, because I know that Kimberly and other people who have pets think of them as members of their family. People who do not have pets just don’t understand that you don’t just put your pets down because they get sick. They are like members of the family, and you do whatever you can to make them well. I would hate to think that my family would euthanize me just because they can’t afford my medical care. Let’s join together, and help Kimberly afford to get her Bella well. If you want to make a donation, of any amount, just click on the paypal button. Bella thanks you!

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  1. One of the hardest things we had to do was put our cat down due to liver failure. She had asthma, and we had to nebulize her every other day. I can imagine that it’s all upsetting and frustrating. <3 I'm sorry, love.

    Great post, Karen. It's a wonderful thing you're doing for Bella! <3

  2. Great post Karen. What Kimberley has done for this poor kitty is wonderful. I have donated to the cause!

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I remember when Kimberly first got Bella and how she was worried when they were going to spay her. I will help spread the word about this – let’s help Bella (and Kimberly)!

  4. Pamla in Louisiana says:

    As the owner of six cats with the oldest being 22 years old I know how this lady feels about hers. I hope she can manage to get gone what her little furbaby needs to be able to live a long and healthy cats’ life with all the love that her owner is giving. I donated what I could. Please keep us updated.

  5. As someone who had to spend $2700 to save our dog Harvey when he was just 6 months old, I understand the need of pet insurance (which we purchased directly after the incident). I really hope Bella can get the help she needs!

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