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mp!I love this lap

I love this lamp

I have been looking at lamps since we closed on the house in December 2011. Last week, we went to one of our favorite junk stores to get some DVD’s. They sell them three for ten dollars, so we go there every couple of weeks to get something new to watch. Of course, while we are there, we always look around to see what’s new in the shop.

It has a removable lace shade

It has a removable lace shade

Before I bought it, I asked the guy at the store if it worked. He took it over to one of the electric outlets and plugged it in, and nothing happened. He had to do a little work on it to get it to work, but who wants a lamp that doesn’t work? I don’t think I have ever seen a lamp like this before. It has a wrought iron stand, pole, and frame for the shade The shade is made of lace fabric, and can be removed and washed. It weights a ton, but is very sturdy. It would take a lot for someone to knock this thing over!

The guy at the store wanted $65 for it, but I asked if he would take $50, and he said yes. That is a very good price! If I could have found a new floor lamp that I liked, it would be a whole lot more than that. What do you think? Good deal? or a hunk of junk?


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  1. Dianna Snyder says:

    Since it works and it is what you like, it is a GREAT DEAL!. Those of us still living full time in our RV couldn’t handle something like that, but I think it is nice. Before we went full time we had a lamp that had belonged to my husband’s grandmother. Those older items were built to last.

    And BTW, Keep posting! You encourage me.

  2. Susan Chester says:

    That lamp is gorgeous!

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