Grandma’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Not every Grandma is diabetic, but I am. So, I know that wearing the right footwear, and the right socks, is very important. But I have to tell you that not all “diabetic” socks are made the same. I have had some in the past that were not only ugly, but uncomfortable as well. And, if you’re like me, if something doesn’t feel or look good, you aren’t going to wear them and thus, aren’t going to benefit from them.

These Buster Brown Cotton Socks from Wearever are both comfortable on my feet, and look good, too. They are soft and smooth, and have no elastic to “strangle” my ankles. They would make a very good stocking stuffer for Grandma, or anyone else on your list who is diabetic. You can purchase them online at Wearever Incontinence for $8.95 per pair.


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