Thrifty Thursday

A good serving bowl for $4

This week we went to Cedartown to take care of some business, and decided to stop in at a thrift store while we were there. I found two pretty serving bowls for a total of $7. The one above is the one I like the best. It has pretty flowers inside, and plain white outside.

Another view of the bowl.

The second bowl is clear glass, with some cut glass look to it. I like this style, and think that deserts would be pretty in it. You know, like a banana pudding or Death by Chocolate type of triffle.

This glass bowl was $3

I have looked for serving bowls in stores new, and they just don’t seem to sell them anymore, at least I haven’t seen them in any stores I have gone in. I can only find plastic ones.

from the top, This one has pretty designs in it.

Where do you find bowls like this to buy new?


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  1. I like the used beautiful glass ones the best, thrift store.

  2. we serve straight from the pot =o)

  3. Love your finds!! An elegant friend of mine told me when I had to ready myself to do a reception for over 100 people, if I did not have enough matching serving bowls and platters, to just get all clear glass ones, of all different types and it would look just fine. We were not flush with money, so I went to thrift shops, yard sales and estate sales. Got myself some of the most gorgeous pieces and sure enough it looked so elegant and turned out just fine. I think you are right…almost impossible to find serving pieces in general these days (might that be because not many folks entertain anymore?) Enjoy using these pretty pieces!!

  4. I have a set of three glass bowls that were my Grandma’s. I love them.

  5. Very pretty! I like them both! I have a serving platter thing, I always have to buy them when I’m at the thrift store! Especially the older ones, you just can’t find them in the store theses days!

  6. mona fields says:

    The clear glass one is Depression Glass, and you can’t buy them new. I have a big pink set and it’s just beautiful!

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