Grandma’s Gift Guide: World Vision

World Vision is a charitable organization that helps children, families, and communities by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Years of research show that children living in poverty are more likely to underachieve in school, experience health and behavioral problems, and remain in poverty for another generation. World Vision serves those vulnerable youth through programs that empower young people. We also help struggling students receive free tutoring from trained volunteers, expand the capacity of child-focused organizations already serving in communities, and distribute critical gift-in-kind products.

Through decades of serving children and communities in poverty here at home and around the world, World Vision has developed proven practices to help children and families achieve life in all its fullness.

The work of U.S. programs:

  • Helps youth gain leadership and critical-thinking skills, improve academically, and become strong advocates for their communities
  • Equips community organizations and churches to produce effective academic mentors and tutors to low-income students
  • Provides low-income youth and families with essential school supplies, personal hygiene items, and household cleaning products
  • Helps families and communities by preparing for and responding to natural and man-made disasters
  • Facilitates short-term mission trips for youth groups or family groups from around the U.S. to serve in under-resourced communities in rural America

With help from our partners, we serve children in urban and rural areas across the United States, giving young people hope for a brighter future.

World Vision works in many countries around the world as well, helping make the lives of children better in many different ways. You can make a donation to World Vision United States Programs, Sponsor A Child, Order a Gift from their catalog, or find many other ways to help here.

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