Grandma’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers from Joanne Hudson Basics

Joanne Hudson Basics has several unique and handy items that anyone, including Grandma, would like to find in their stocking on Christmas morning. This little nut crusher will crack open any kind of nut without having to use a lot of “grasping” strength, something to consider for arthritic hands. You just put the nut in the bowl, and twist the screw in until the nut cracks. Easy! This Wooden Nut Crusher retails for $12.99.

My favorite item that they sent me is this handy device: Bamboo Toast tongs. I can not tell you how many times I have burned the tips of my fingers over the years trying to get my toast out of the toaster, especially the smaller slices of bread you get when you buy gluten free bread. I LOVE these toast tongs. The Bamboo Toast Tongs retail for $5.49, and in my opinion would be the best $5.49 you have ever spent.



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  1. Forget Grandma! I’d LOVE that, Karen! We were just talking today, about how we used to get nuts in our stocking when we were little, and we’d have to go into the drawer and grab daddy’s metal nutcracker to break them. I would LOVE this, and I know my parents would too! Thanks for sharing, K!

  2. That nut crusher is pretty stinkin cool!

  3. I have some bamboo tongs for toast and I love them. The nutcracker looks like something I could use. Having small and arthritic hands I often find it difficult to get my hand around those metal nutcrackers and then have to squeeze them is very difficult.

  4. that nut cracker looks like a funny pipe =o)

  5. I love the nutcracker!

    Growing up my great-grandparents always kept nuts on hand, especially for the holidays. It was a lot of fun to crack them open. I think it was more fun to crack them then it was to eat them. LOL!

    The “Nut Crusher” looks like it would be fun to use. I love it’s unique design. It’s very cool.

  6. I need that nut crusher! I love cracking nuts during the Christmas season, but I hate stepping on those sharp shell pieces that get flung all over!

  7. Great ideas! I like the tongs too.

  8. What a great idea for stocking stuffers. The tongs look handy!

  9. like the thongs, thanks, twitted this today, 29/11

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