Hot Fudge Sundae

Koa Tucumcari

Well, here we are in beautiful Tucumcari, New Mexico. We started out in Grants this morning, where it was a cold 35 degrees. We ate some leftover Picazzo’s pizza for breakfast before we left. And yes, it was still very good.

A few hours later, Fabgrandpa said he needed to stretch his legs and get something cold to drink, so we stopped at Dairy Queen. I got a small hot fudge sundae and french fries, a delicious lunch if there ever was one! After shopping for a while in the souvenir shop and finding nothing that caught our interest to buy, we were on the road again.

We only drove about 250 miles today, from Grants to Tucumcari, and stopped for the night at the KOA. It’s a nice park, and the trees here are showing their fall colors, but it is HOT here. At least it is hot compared to the North Rim.

We got parked on our campsite, and I went inside to rest, leaving fabgrandpa to set things up for the night. We were not planning to take the trailer off the hitch, but in order to get level, we have to extend the electric hitch jack to move the front of the trailer up. Well, the dang electric hitch wouldn’t work. It just click click clicked, and didn’t move at all.

Fabgrandpa wound up using a wrench to manually turn the jack to level us up, while I manned (or womaned) the phone indoor looking for an RV repair place where we could get the thing repaired. No luck. We decided to stay here two nights, and drive into Amarillo on Monday morning when the trailer places are open for business again. One place we called would come and install a manual hitch jack for an extra $125 for doing it on Sunday.

So, we’ll wait until Monday. We have enough groceries, and we figured why go to all the extra labor to move to Amarillo for the night tomorrow night, and then do it all again to move to the trailer place the next morning. This place is nice enough, except that I have seen three SPIDERS in the short time we have been here.

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  1. The hot fudge sundae sounds the best of all this news. It’s always something isn’t it.

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