Oasap: Shopping With My Granddaughter

Awe, she was so sweet as a baby!

That photo is how I think of her, but just like all babies, she has grown up to be a very pretty young lady:

NOOOOOO!!!!! I’m not ready for this!

Although I am well aware that she is already 13 years old, I was so not ready for the most recent photo of her that I received. She had been to the beauty shop, and well, got beautiful!

It was time again for us to shop online at Oasap High Street Fashion. We chat it up on Facebook while shopping the website together, to find just the right item to purchase for her. This month, I suggested the Knitted Floral Tassel Trim Vest:

Now this is something a Grandma could approve of

It was something she had on her wish list on the website, so I thought it might just be perfect–modest enough for Grandma, and “hip” enough for the 13 year old. Boy, was I ever wrong!

Sarah told me she wants the Apricot Elegant Bowknot Embellished Strapless Dress for her eighth grade dance:

It’s enough to give Grandma a heart attack!

I was shocked! I can not imagine letting a 13 year old wear that dress. So, I asked her if she had talked to her mother about it. She told me that Mom said it was ok. So, being a dutiful grandma that I am, I told her that her mother had to email me to let me know it was ok for her to have that dress. I was sorta hoping Mom would say NO! But, when the email came, Mom said yes, it is ok for Sarah to have that dress. She said she is trying to let Sarah make choices of her own. But she did say if it was way too short when they receive it, then she will send it back.

What do you think of Sarah’s choice? It is for a school dance for a 13 year old 8th grader. I wouldn’t approve of it, but since Mama said it was ok, I ordered it for her. What would you do?

I was compensated by Oasap for writing this post, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I think it’s super cute! Most models have long legs, so maybe once she tries it on, it won’t look that short.

  2. my son’s middle school had a strict policy of nothing less than middle finger tip length and no bare shoulders. i say if you can bend over and touch your toes without your undies showing then fine…and a jacket or shawl would be appropriate for that age group. i have seen worse but not-so-nice thoughts went through my head =o/

  3. Rebecca Singer says:

    It’s a fine dress…. It is a bit short, but her mother will judge that when it comes. She will look beautiful in it! Try to imagine the dress with no heels and a little longer. 🙂

  4. I think the dress is adorable, but too short for my liking. If mom says okay though not much you can do

  5. I like it and certainly wore shorter myself at that age.

  6. Anna Kayner says:

    I used to send dad with our daughters to dress shop for special occasions! He sometimes went a little more than I would have but they always looked classy in what ever he chose and they argued less with him!

  7. I think with ballet flats it might look less “adult” and more age appropriate but I agree with the others, mom will be the final judge on the length when it arrives.

  8. i’m thinking it’s short… and i’m also thinking if she bends over people are going to see even more of her… and when she sits she’s going to be all legs and too much bare flesh… i’m not a prude but i think for 13 its too short…

  9. The dress is too short as pictured, but the hem may land differently on your granddaughter. If it turns out to be too short in person, hopefully it gets whipped right back to the store. Other than length, the dress is beautiful.

  10. I wouldn’t have been allowed to wear it, but I don’t know that I would have been comfortable wearing it either. All of our clothing growing up had to have sleeves and hit at the knee or below. Sometimes it seemed hard, but looking back, it was for my protection and my parents gave those rules because they loved me. That said, every parent needs to help make those decisions with their kids on what they should and shouldn’t wear.

  11. I like that it covers the chest. It does look short but like the comment earlier, models tend to be leggy so hopefully it will seem longer on her.

  12. I think it’s a very pretty dress, but not age appropriate. I think I’m far too conservative and think girls should be much more modest and wear things that are still beautiful, but not so revealing.

  13. It’s a really pretty dress and I love that it covers the chest, yet I can’t help but feel that it’s a bit short for a thirteen year old girl. Is she tall? Because it might be longer on her if she doesn’t wear heels and is shorter. I’m not a prude since I’ll wear longer shorts and dresses a bit above the knee, but I know from experience that if she bends over or tries to sit down it is going to go up, up, up. If it’s too short and she doesn’t want to return it maybe she could wear tights or lace leggings of some sort beneath it?

  14. I wonder if anyone ever tells your granddaughter what boys think when they see a girl dressed in certain ways?? (Brothers can be very frank, speaking from having 3 of them!!) Oh well…probably would not listen anyway. One of those “save your breath to cool your broth” times. No, I do not pay for things I do not approve of. If the parents want to buy it, so be it. There was only one girl when I was a teenager at my church, who wore longer skirts and more conservative clothes than I did. Later after we married, my hubby told me that the boys agreed I had the best looking legs…now how would they know?? After all, the others showed more? He told me that some guys find what is covered up a bit more aluring. Well, nice guys at least. And he was nice. Your granddaughter has a very pretty face…she does not need to show her body…you asked our opinion…so this is it.

  15. I think if mom is OK with it then you shouldn’t worry. Personally I think the dress is really cute.

  16. Its a pretty cute dress actually! I just think that the model wearing it may be a tad tall for it.


  17. What a pretty young lady she is! She and my 15 year old share the same taste in clothing. My daughter will put a pair of black shorts under any dress or skirt that causes concern. Hope that helps! 🙂 They sure grow up fast don’t they?

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