Why Can’t I Just Make A Reservation???

We have had to go back to Flagstaff twice now for follow-up appointments with the surgeon. And we have to go back again next week.  I love Flagstaff, but making that 400 mile roundtrip every week is getting old, especially since I am recovering from major extensive surgery.

The first week we went back down to Flag, we stayed at the Travel Lodge at 1560 E. Route 66. I have a walker and a shower chair that I have to use, but didn’t think about needing special accommodations for the bathroom. We were able to squeeze the shower chair in the bathtub, but since there were no grab bars, I had to have Fabgrandpa or my daughter help me get in and out of the tub. I am still having a hard time lifting my feet up very high, so this was a challenge.

This week, instead of making the reservation online, I called the Travel Lodge and asked if they had any handicap accessible rooms. They said they did, so I made my reservation for one. However, when we arrived, the person at the desk said that whoever took my reservation did not make a note that I had requested a handicap room, and they had already given that room to someone else. I was livid!

The clerk went on to say that the only difference in the handicap accessible room was that there were grab bars in the bathroom and a dedicated parking space in front of the room. Well, DUH! That was exactly what I was looking for. We stayed there in the same room we were in last week, and Fabgrandpa had to help me in and out of the shower.

When we got home, I called Fairfield by Marriot, a hotel we have stayed in before, and talked to them to make a reservation. I told them we had three adults staying in the room, and that I needed a room with a handicap accessible bathroom. I also asked for their “medical rate” because a lot of hotels will give you a discount if the purpose of your visit is for a medical appointment. The girl assured me that they could accommodate my needs, and quoted a discounted rate of $132.64 (that included taxes.)

Today, I opened my confirmation email from them, and discovered that they had booked me a room with one king bed. For three adults. I called them to check on that, and was told that in order to get a handicap accessible room, I could only get 1 king bed. I told them that was not acceptable, and asked why they didn’t tell me that at the time I made the reservation.  She was very polite, and explained their room accommodations, and gave the name of another hotel across the street that would be able to provide a room with two double beds AND handicap accessible bathroom.

I called Springhill Suites by Marriot. They were able to reserve a room with two queen beds, and handicap accessible bathrooms, at a rate of $92.78 (including taxes.) My confirmation email seems to be correct. We’ll see what we get when we check in next week.

But I have to ask:  How can a motel get away with not honoring your request for an accessible room? Why can’t they just tell you the truth when you call to make a reservation? I would rather continue looking for a room to fit my needs than make a reservation and be disappointed when I arrived.


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  1. How awful that you had to go through all that! They should be ashamed! I hope this one will stick to what you ordered! At least you are in the cooler corner of the state! It’s hot and muggy down in our SE corner!
    GraceinAZ (Pat)

  2. That is frustrating! Especially when you aren’t feeling well.

    I have learned not to trust bookings made on HotWire or other super discount sites. With some of them, you are only guaranteed a room, not a specific type of room.

  3. That would really be a surprise for a person in a wheelchair with no one to assist them.

    I stand by my statement that it’s really easy to get mediocre help. People just don’t seem to care anymore.

  4. marilyn register says:

    So glad to see your post. I am still sending prayers for your recovery.

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