Roadtrip: Georgia to Arizona, 9th Day

headed west

It was a lovely day for traveling–no wind, smooth road, sunshine, 47 degrees. We headed west once again towards Flagstaff. Although our end of the road on this trip is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I always feel like I am “home” when we arrive in Flagstaff. I love that town!

Western New Mexico

We fueled up in Grants after seeing the Ice Cave yesterday. Diesel was $3.999 at Speedy’s in town. When we were in the planning stages of this trip, we planned on getting 10 miles per gallon and paying $4.25 per gallon. Both of those estimates have turned out to be wrong, both in our favor. Right now the truck is saying 11.4 miles per gallon.

Western New Mexico

This leg of the trip was just so nice! The scenery in western New Mexico is eye popping gorgeous!

A little bit of water

These washes are usually dry when we come through here. It was good to see a little water flowing today.

The last exit before Arizona

We crossed over into Arizona around 11:00 a.m. and gained an hour because Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. They stay on Mountain Standard Time all year long.

The state line to Arizona

We have been traveling now for nine days, seven of them driving days. We have been in ten states!

San Francisco Peaks

It’s always exciting to me to see the first glimpse of the San Francisco Peaks, the mountains in Flagstaff. This was fifty three miles from Flagstaff. We’ll be camping at the base of those mountains at Flagstaff KOA.


We arrived in Flagstaff about 1:30 p.m. and got set up in the campground. We were expecting our friend and co-worker, Gaelyn, to be there already. About five minutes after we got there, though, she posted on Facebook that she had trouble with her truck and was waiting for a tow truck two miles outside of Flagstaff.  A little while later her rig was towed in to drop off her fifth wheel at the KOA, then they towed her truck to the Ford dealership in town. We are all hoping they will be able to get her on the road again in two days.

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  1. Love reading your posts, and especially enjoy the beautiful photos! My little girl and I are heading out in west in July…setting out on a year-long awareness tour. Hope to see you out on the road sometime! 😉

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