Roadtrip: Georgia to Arizona, 6th Day

A yard full of birds

A late start again today, but another very short driving day. We pulled out of 40 West RV Park in Shamrock, Texas around 11:00 a.m. heading for Tucumcari, New Mexico, only about 200 miles or so. We had an incredibly beautiful day and not much traffic. How lucky and a girl get on a Friday the 13th?

This rest stop is partly underground

I love the Texas sky on days like today. So blue, and the clouds are awesome!

A grain elevator along I-40

Isn’t this just gorgeous! Those are the big round hay bales in a field of green grass under a blue and white sky.

Let's make hay!

This water tank has been leaning since we started driving up and down I-40 in 2008. We always wonder if it is going to still be standing the next time we come through.

What the?

P.U! That is a feed lot full of cows west of Amarillo. We smelled it quite a ways before we saw it. Still want that burger?

this is one stinking place!

Every once in a while, we are rewarded with a truly beautiful scene, such as this one:


We crossed over into New Mexico and had about forty miles to go to Tucumcari.

Crossing the New Mexico State Line

We pulled into the Flying J in Tucumcari for fuel before going to the campground for the night. They are getting $3.999 for diesel here.

A fuel stop before going to the campground for the night.

Then it was just about a half mile to Mountain Road RV Park to spend the night. Not a bad day at all.

Mountain Road RV Park

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  1. Too funny! I’ve got some of the same pictures: the Lone Star rest stop and the leaning tower of Briton!

  2. The leaning water tower is wild.

    You’re still paying less for fuel than I did today at $4.24. OUch!

  3. Beautiful photography. I love how on that stretch of road to Tucumcari you see what appears to be hundreds of signs for some place like the “Flying J” and think the place must be huge.

  4. Texas seems to me like a total world apart from the northeast. I enjoyed your travels pictures. It does seem like everything is so big! So I’ve always heard about Texas. My son now lives in Houston. He tells me the freeways are so crowded all the time. Also, however he tells that the people in Houston are so friendly and helpful to newcomers.

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