Roadtrip: Georgia to Arizona, 5th Day

Today was a non-travel day. We are half way to our destination so we stopped for two nights, to rest a bit and to poke around the town of Shamrock, Texas.


The first stop was to fill up the truck with fuel. Diesel is going for $4.049 here in Texas, which is still less than what it was in Georgia. $112 to fill that tank today! After getting the fuel we went over to Buy For Less Express. It is an Ace Hardware/pharmacy/grocery store all under one roof. Fabgrandpa got the clamps he needed to repair the brake cable on the trailer. I also found some yummy gluten free foods!

Oh, Yum!

I was really surprised to see them on the shelf there because this is such a small town. I got a French Meadow Bakery yellow cake, some Schar Italian Bread Sticks, Schar Vanilla Wafer Cookies, and Schar Lady Fingers. I can see a home made banana pudding in my future!

We went looking for a thrift store, and found a couple of them on Main Street. Fabgrandpa always buys DVD’s. We watch the movies a couple of times, then donate them to the next thrift store we go to.I love that the town of Shamrock has murals painted on some of the buildings:

Downtown Mural

Oh, and of course I had to kiss the Blarney Stone:

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Another mural

It’s hard to imagine when gasoline was only 10 cents a gallon!

A Vintage Mobil Gas Station

We had quite a fun day in downtown Shamrock, but had to head on home and cook some dinner. I made some garlic roasted potatoes, pork chops, and brussells sprouts. After dinner we went ahead and hooked the trailer back up to the truck so that all we have to do in the morning is unhook the water and electric, put up the stabilizer jacks, and go! We’ll be headed to Tucumcari, New Mexico tomorrow.

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures of Shamrock TX esp, the Blarney Stone. My wife would not let me near the real thing in Ireland; as she drove by it saying “There’s enough blarney in this family”. You are taking the route we are planning for in late May so am interested in your stops, RV parks and of course your recipes which I am saving in my virtual cook book. I am picking up some good ideas from folks. Thanks

  2. Quaint little town. Like the murals. Diesel $4.29 here. Be safe out there tomorrow.

  3. I love it. I can’t wait to see New Mexico. I’ve never been there.

  4. I’ve NEVER found ladyfingers in grocer!

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