Roadtrip: Georgia to Arizona, 3rd day

I-40 in Arkansas

Sleeping in and getting a slow start to the day was just what we needed. We only traveled 250 miles today, and ended up in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma City East KOA for the night.

There wasn’t much going on today, just Fabgrandpa driving and me crocheting, and every now and then taking some pictures. He let me know when we got close to the Oklahoma state line so I could get a picture:

Rolling in to Oklahoma

We stopped at the welcome center to rest a bit, and get a weather report. Thunder storms are expected tonight, and I am hoping they go south of us.

At the welcome center

Fuel stops were easier on us today. I don’t know if it is because of all the reservations in Oklahoma or not, but diesel is $3.899 cash, and $3.919 credit here. We’ll make sure to fill up before we get into Texas tomorrow. We saw these cute barbecue grills at one fuel stop today:

Barbecue grills for sale at a fuel stop

I also spotted this home made RV:

Unusual RV we spotted today

Tomorrow is going to be an even shorter day, because we want to stop in Shamrock, Texas for a couple of nights. We’re looking forward to going out to eat at Big Vern’s Steakhouse there. We’ve been doing really good this trip, eating all of our meals so far in the RV. I’ll refresh our salad fixings in Shamrock, too, so we can continue to eat at home. This is actually the first trip we have made in our 12 years of RV’ing that we are doing most of our meals “at home”. Cracker Barrel really adds up and gets expensive!

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  1. We just completed a very fast road trip to Tuscon several weeks ago. We were surprised at the jump in gas prices once we got to Texas. We thought for sure it would be a little bit cheaper there.

  2. I hope the weather stays good for you! I love seeing where you are everyday 🙂 We just got a used pull behind camper and I’m so excited about going camping this summer! Of course, we will not be traveling no where near as much as you and your hubby do but I plan on searching your recipes for easy camper-friendly meals 🙂

  3. I so much prefer the short haul days.

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