Crocheted Neck Warmer Tutorial

I have had a little bit of time this week to work on something other than, gasp, sewing. Yes, I CAN do other things.  I decided to make a little “mini-scarf” or neck warmer. I used cotton crochet yarn because I don’t like wool up against my neck. This little scarf if just right to wear when you don’t need a big jacket:

my new mini scarf


It goes nicely with my favorite sweater


it's all single and double crochet, easy to do

crocheted mini scarf, crochet projects, neckwarmer

Braid the ends, and make a tassle and you're done.

It was a fun little project to do while I was sitting waiting for other things to happen, and I got a nice little wardrobe accessory to boot!

To make this:

Chain stitches to be the lengtht you want (measure around your neck). # of stitches must be divisible by 5+3 stiches. I used 73 stitches.

Rows 1-3 Single crochet three rows. 4th row, *Double crochet three, chain two, skip next two stiches*,  continue to end of row, ending with double crochet three. 5th thru 7th rows, single crochet.

Cut 18 strands of yarn, 18 inches long each. Attach 9 strands on each end of the crocheted piece. To do this fold each strand in half, and pull the loop through with crochet hook. Once you have all the strands attached, you’ll have 18 ends on each side. (2X9).  Using two strands for each part of the braid, braid the strands into three braids. Then braid the three braids together. Wrap a piece of yarn tightly around the ends, about3.5 inches from the unbraided end, and tie tightly. Unbraid to the wrapped piece of yarn, then trim tassle to 3 inches. You’re done.

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  1. That is so cute! I bet the kids would love something like that. I attempted to learn to knit, but my hands don’t work.

  2. How cute. I need to learn how to crochet or knit.

  3. Look at you little ms crafty

  4. I like that! Not so bulky like most crochet scarves. Like a removable turtle neck.

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