Road Trip: Brunswick Georgia and The Golden Isles

Me and Polly showing our "biscuits" on the pier at St. Simons

Both nights that we were in town, Polly came over and spent the evening with us in our room, before heading back over to here school for the night. We had a laugh-fest, that’s for sure! We talked about everything and anything, just as you would expect when getting together with friends. She told us this story:

“I decided to make some home made biscuits, and I thought they turned out pretty good. I munched on biscuits for several days while sitting at my desk. A few days later, I happened to notice a line of ants marching down the kitchen cabinet and through the dining area towards my desk. I thought the ants were going over there to eat up the biscuit crumbs I dropped on the floor under the desk, but NO! They were eating up a dead roach bug that I had swept over by the door and hadn’t picked up yet to put it in the trash. Can you believe that even the ants wouldn’t eat my biscuits?” That had us laughing even harder than before.

The last night we over to St. Simons Island to Barbara Jean’s for dinner. I forgot to take a picture of my food! If you  have never been to Barbara Jean’s you have to go. Fabgrandpa had squash casserole and buttermilk fried shrimp. I had a “Coastal Platter” that came with a grilled fish fillet, grilled shrimp, and a crab cake with no filler on a bed or rice. Polly ordered the chicken fried steak and a baked potato. All of it was sooooo good!  You can order crab cakes from their website and have them shipped anywhere in the country, so guess what I am getting for my next birthday (which I am changing to next week!)

After dinner we walked down to the pier. It was so nice down there, it was hard to believe it was the first week of November. The view at night is awesome, too. This photo doesn’t do it justice:

The lights on the water were beautiful

The evening was over much too fast! We went back to the motel and said our goodbyes. I missed her as soon as she walked out the door.

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  1. I’d recognize those “biscuits” anywhere. 😉 Sounds like a good time.

  2. Barbara Jean’s is great ! The best dessert in the world is their Chocolate STUFF !!! OMG I can’t believe you didn’t HAVE ANY OF THAT ???? !!!!

    Its amazing. You’ll have to go back for it!

    Also The Sandcastle is the best breakfast spot on the island
    and The best shrimp is Iguana’s
    and The best barbq is Southern Soul

    I’ve eaten everywhere on that island and those are the TOPS !


    • Fab Grandma says:

      The Chocolate Stuff did sound really yummy, but it is made with wheat, and I would have suffered a lot for eating it. I did have the Key Lime tart and did not eat the crust. To die for!

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