Tripping Again V

That's a sunRISE, y'all!

Yesterday started really early.  We were up before dawn, and it was cold out there! On the road by 7:00 a.m. and into Oklahoma before breakfast.

Oklahoma City just before noon means we beat the lunch time rush


Oklahoma City

We went through Oklahoma City, and almost to Arkansas before we stopped for the day. The Arkansas River was especially beautiful to us, as we have been in Arizona for the last six months, where it is unusual to see water sources:

The Arkansas River

And although I love that my bank can see unusual activity on my ATM card and will shut it down until they hear from me, it makes it hard to fuel up when they do that. That phone call to be on hold for an automated system took me 15 minutes, then another 10 minute wait for them to re-activate my card. Sheesh. You’d think if they could see “unusual activity” that they would see it was charges for “campground” “fuel” “campground” “fuel” “campground” “fuel”…..

We spent the night at the KOA in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. We have stayed here before–it is nice and quiet, and has long level pullthrough sites. Not a bad place to end the day. Now for today’s RV Minute:

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  1. That interstate was rough! I-2o’s not any better, going through Texas.
    Looks like ya’ll are over half-way home. Maybe we can get together somewhere this! We’ll be looking for a house, next summer probably, for a base ‘camp’. Also in western Georgia, around Villa Rica. Good luck with your house hunt.

  2. Hate that city traffic and rough roads. Construction in Kanab was like threading the RV through a needle of traffic cones.

  3. That sunrise is gorgeous!

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