In Case Y’all Didn’t Believe Me

When I told you that the roads in Oklahoma were rough and bouncy, I really did mean it. This is what my wardrobe closet has looked like since about Wednesday of last week:

Fabgrandpa's clothes on the floor


My shelves turned upside down


All my stuff on the floor


And another view of that mess

I didn’t even bother to pick it all up until we got where we were going. I figured it would only fall down again, and I am very sure it would have happened  on Wednesday in Birmingham. So, I just left it all there. Today was the day of reckoning–the day I had to straighten it all back out. It took about an hour or so, but finally, things are back to normal:

My side


His side

All done. Now to get the kitchen straightened out tomorrow.




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  1. Don’t know what OK does with the toll money, but they certainly don’t use it to improve their roads!!

  2. Oh my gosh, very bumpy indeed!

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