We Are Still Talking About Buying A House

My daughter's house in Georgia

For the last couple of years, FabGrandpa and I have talked about buying a small house in Georgia. We have seen lots of house like the one we have in mind in the west Georgia area. We want a little frame house with two bedrooms, no stairs, and a couple of acres of land, not in a subdivision. We want to be west of Douglasville, preferably west of Carrollton.

While we have had no trouble finding cute little houses that fit this description, in our price range, we have been getting the run around about financing. We have been told everything from “we can’t finance  you because you have no income in Georgia” to “we can’t finance THAT house because the loan would be less than $30,000.” We finally talked to someone last summer who told us how we would have to proceed in order to buy the house we are dreaming about. And, after that conversation, we started looking again.

There are still a lot of cute little homes to be found in west Georgia and east Alabama. We have planned our coming winter so that we will have a month at a campground in Tallapoosa, Georgia so that we can look for “the perfect house.”  We know that we will have to get a home warranty inspection, too, so that we will know that the house really is “perfect.”  We’ll probably also need to find a new insurance agent, since we haven’t lived in Georgia for more than 11 years. It is all so much to think about, but I have confidence that we will figure it all out soon enough.

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  1. Does that mean you’ll give up your Grand Canyon existance?

  2. Well I certainly hope you find what you are looking for. It sure can be a pain to find that perfect home, huh?

  3. Good luck in your search! Love Georgia!

  4. I hope you can make your dreams of owning a home into reality!

  5. House hunting is always a challenge but it seems the right house always seems to work out. I hope your journey to finding a new home is a short one!

    A house that is less than $30k … now that is something to dream about!

  6. Buying a house is so frustrating. I can’t believe you got that much run around, and oh I would dream to find a house for 30,000. WOW!

  7. I agree, house buying is a major pain…and the financing details are annoying. I hope you find the right house soon!

  8. Buying a house (the right house) can be exhausting. It took us a year of looking almost every weekend before we finally found and bought our home. It’s worth it in the end. Good luck to you!

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