On I-40 Today

A crash on the highway this morning

We started out this morning around 9:00 a.m.  headed for Santa Rosa, New Mexico. We hadn’t gone twenty miles down the road before traffic came to a standstill. There had been a crash on the highway, on the eastbound side. An 18 wheeler was on its side, with the cab burned beyond recognition. There was also a small car in the median that looked like it had rolled over and over. It was also burned and unrecognizable. It always makes me so sad for the people who were in those vehicles when I see something like that. Did they die? Or was their fate even worse, did they survive with horrendous injuries. In cases like that, I wouldn’t be able to decide which would be worse.

Long line of traffic backed up on I-40 East

Next time you’re sitting in a line of traffice like this, just count  yourself lucky that it was not your bad day that caused it. Y’all be careful out there. Get home late. It beats the alternative.

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  1. I was there too. Ive never seen anything like it in real life. My heart broke, there was a dog too, a few feet from the car, laying there its fur was all burnt up

  2. Oh my! It saddens me when accidents happen on the road while we all know it could have been avoided. That is scary. Did you find out how many people were hurt from the accident?

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