Gathering Up Some Southern To Take To Arizona

Today was a little more laid back than the last few days for us. We slept in, then piddled around the house for a couple of hours before setting out to look for a place to get some breakfast. We wound up back at the Cracker Barrel, where we always know we’ll get a good meal.

After breakfast we went over and picked up the new tire for the trailer, went to the post office to mail off a couple of packages, then the car wash to spray that Mississippi River mud off of the truck. The last stop was the local independent grocery store.

I picked up a 15 pound box of catfish fillets, 2 bags of frozen okra, 2 bags of frozen butter peas, 1 bag of frozen field peas, and 2 bags of a fish fry breading made of corn meal and some spices. My tiny RV freezer is crammed full of good southern food!

catfish fillets, okra

My freezer is stuffed with southern goodness!

Because you know they don’t sell okra or catfish in Utah.


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  1. Hope you get lots of meals out of all that.

  2. Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine never being able to find catfish or okra! This southern girl would not be happy. I am also a big fresh black eye pea eater and knew that those were hard to find elsewhere.

  3. YUM — nothing like fried catfish fillets! Safe travels!

  4. Marilyn Register says:

    Sounds like a freezer full of things we like. Have a safe trip. Like your new background. I loved the othewr picture but it was to busy.

  5. If you keep driving and land in Canada we will go fishing catfish, or as some call them channel fish, mud pout or wolf fish, mud cat or a flat head. Either way they fry up nice. You can’t get Okra in Canada either and Canada is bigger than Utah. I don’t think I have had okra???

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