Don’t Look Now But There Is That Lady With Cooties Again–She Might Just Be Allergic To Toilet Paper

UPDATE! Can you be allergic to toilet paper? See the update at the bottom of this post.

Yes, again. I know you are all getting somewhat tired of me being all TMI and talking about rashes and itching all the freaking time, but I feel like if I talk about it and what I think is or is not causing it, I might just help some other woman out there to at the very least not feel so much like a freak or a medical anomaly. I have written about this in the past several times because I am hoping that by writing I also may reach someone who has gone through this and they will comment or email me and tell me what they did to make it go away. With all the thinking and writing and researching, I never thought I could be allergic to toilet paper. I mean, we all use it every day, from the time we are just toddlers, right? Who woulda thunk it could be the enemy?

I have tried all of these things!

I have tried everything I can think of to use to get rid of the itching and the rash and the misery of it all. Every single thing you see in the picture above, I have tried. More than once. And sometimes I have used more than one thing at a tome.  One thing works for a while, then another thing works for another while, but nothing actually gets rid of the problem once and for all. I have been to the doctor, hmmm, at least five times, and have taken Diflucan and an antibiotic at two different times. I have spent tons of money on this. It’s like having a difficult, hard to manage child. One that demands your attention and makes you miserable. One that just will not obey you and gives you a headache. And an unbearable itch that you must bear.

I have googled every possible thing I can think of, like “can you be allergic to your own perspiration?” and “will jumping out of a truck on the expressway cure unbearable itching?”. But there are no answers out there. And THAT is why I continue to write about this topic. Because I WANT there to be information out there for the next woman who is going insane with itching to be able to find and say at least, that she is NOT crazy, that there is someone else in the world just like her.

allergic to toilet paper

I think this is the culprit for at least one area of itching! I have an allergy to toilet paper.

And so, to that woman, I want to say, have you thought about the toilet paper you are using? Can you be allergic to toilet paper? While I have wracked my brain for over a year trying to think of what I could possibly have done different or changed about my routine that would cause me to suddenly start itching, I never once thought about the toilet paper that I was using.  And that is because we have used the same brand of toilet paper for more than 15 years. Maybe more than 20 years. But the other day, when I was going through my “thinking about what could cause me to itch?” routine for about the 200th time, it suddenly dawned on me that 1. there seems to be at least 2, maybe 3 different types of itchyness going on, and 2. the itch in THAT place is different from the itch in other places, and 3. the toilet paper is the only product I  use in THAT area on a constant basis and 4. that the toilet paper brand suddenly changed in appearance last year.

Now, why did I not think of those things before? Because, I thought if I itched in various places over my body, that it must surely all be the same cause. Never did I think in all this time that there could be several causes. That could possibly explain why, when I took the diflucan to treat yeast infection last year, that SOME areas quit itching for a while , and others did not. So, it surely must be a correct assumption that there is more than one thing going on.

So, now, I am conducting an experiment to see if I may be allergic to toilet paper. I am foregoing the use of toilet paper and using baby wipes instead. I am also applying a moisturizer to that area twice a day. It seems to be working for now. That does not make any other area that is itching stop. But it does seem to be helping that one area. When you are being driven insane, you WILL resort to extreme measures to change.

September 3, 2014: I have had great success to stop the itching using Tricalm, an anti-itch gel product that I was sent to review. It is working for me. If you would like to try it, this is my affiliate link at to purchase it.


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  1. Have you thought of food allergies?

    Do you eat eggs regularly? You might try keeping a food diary. That is something I’ve done to find out what I’m eating that causes illness.

    • Fab Grandma says:

      I have thought of that but I have not done a food diary. It is on my list now though, thanks Sandra.

      • Hi FabGrandma. I have endured the most intense itchy rashes, all over my body, for several years before I discovered water fasting. I have 100% cured (even enhanced) the look and feel of my skin. It’s taken time but the results are miraculous. I recommend juicing if water fasting is too difficult (suggest watching fat sick and nearly dead). The chemicals found in toothpaste to water bottles to toilet paper are killing us slowly! Good luck.

  2. Plus even though you haven’t changed “products” your body can change its mind. Sure hope this solves at least one itch.

  3. At least I know my itches are insect related. Good luck to you…

  4. I have some itchy spots one on my back and another on my foot. I rub loads of moisturiser in which helps for a short while. Ice gives temporary relief when you can’t stand it any longer.Sorry I can’t help more, it must be hell for you.

  5. Hi, I stumbled across your site after googling “how to make a flower girl dress” and saw yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ I started reading and saw this post. I too itch all the time. I scratch the same places every day. I have even awoken in the night to scratch. It started about 8 months ago or so. Very strange and annoying. I am seeing a dermatologist next week. If I find the culprit or solution, I will let you know. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Surely a hand held bidet is the way forward? In most part of Asia the don’t use paper at all. I have lived in most parts of Asia and the “Bum gun” as they call it is both easy-to-use and comfortable. Not to mention hygienic and eco-friendly etc. Thanks

  7. I have been having itching for the last probaly year, it’s not down in the fun part, rather the upper portion of my anatomy. I have not mentioned it to my dr because I know it’s not anything bad as I get checked regulary for that stuff. It only happens at night and in the am. So last night when I was putting on some cream that helps relieve it for a bit, I noticed I had a little bit of toilet paper fluff there and then it hit me, MAYBE I’m allgeric to my tp!!! I don’t itch at work when I’m not using my fancy expensive tp so now I’m on a mission to prove my theory correct. IF this proves to be the problem I will miss my good stuff but will NOT miss the itcing more!!!

  8. I’ve found that I can’t use Angel Soft tp any more. The best is Scott and Northern seem OK so far. Sometimes I have to wonder WHAT they put in this stuff. If it’s the scent, I could live without it, that’s for sure.

    • I’m going through the same thing and Angel soft is my enemy!!!

    • I have been using angel soft for two years because it seems like a good brand with a cheap price tag… Ive also had itchy irretated rectum for two years. I switched and the problem was gone with in days. I tried changing my diet, hemorrhoid creams, anti fungal creams, changed my shower gel, baby powder and even got tested for pin worms… That cheap ass toilet paper has robbed me from hours of sleep per night. When you google puritis ani, toilet paper was one thing they never mentioned.

      Only reason I figured out the problem was because I have a new GF and when she spends the night I use the guest bathroom for my BMs instead of my master bathโ€ฆ When she spends the night, using my room mates TP, I had no problems. Angel soft is the devil!

  9. Try using Dessenex powder on any areas where you have had fungal issues. It’s amazing. I use it daily and have had no fungal issues for over a year. Use it whereever you tend to get damp from perspiration.

    I too am having unbearable itching and am suspecting it is from toilet paper. Problem is I cannot find any toilet paper which helps to reduce the itching. We don’t seem to have any hypoallergenic toilet paper produced in the US.

  10. Mizzcdr says:

    The itching is killing me! I’ve had at least 4 yeast infection tests over the past two years….all negative. My doctor is useless, says it CAN’T be the toilet paper. They’ve given me the same creams you have and more. I’ve tried every TP brand I can get my hand on, and they all have the same result ….uncontrollable itching. I’ve tried Shea butter, Shea butter mixed with tea tree oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel ….some temporary comfort but obviously I am reinfecting myself. I’ve tried numerous detergents and settled upon one for babies…double rinse my undies, don’t use fabric softener…still, I’m scratching until I break the skin….I only bathe will aveeno or no soap at all down there…I’m dying here! I will start using a wash cloth instead of TP when possible…was thinking about going to Lourdes to get holy water (seriously)….

    • I had a similar problem, and it turned out to be a contact allergy to cinnamic aldehyde, which is a component of many fragrances. Toilet paper was the main culprit, also I have started to use fragrance free (not the same as unscented!) detergent. Any kind of ointment you use may also contain this substance and make things worse. Fragrance free soap is a must as well, no bath oils, etc.

    • I had a problem with itching in my privates after a yeast infection caused by antibiotics. Well I went to my gynecologist 5 times and she could not tell me what was wrong just that every test came back negative. Finally went to a dermatologist and guess what I am allergic to the formaldehyde in toilet paper. Unbleached toilet paper is best. The point is YES people can be allergic to Toilet Paper. Contact dermatitis can happen at any time even if you were never allergic before.

  11. ok so im so glad to hear im not the only one out there with issues regarding my vagina for the last few years ive questioned everything possible as to why i keep getting swollen,irritated or infected i am now 7 months pregnant with my third child and ive had nothing but problems i cant have a normal sex life among many other things its very aggravating i dont know what else to do so ive changed to free and clear laundry soap i stopped using fabric sheets all togethor or any kind of fabric softener and have changed to only dove sensitive skin bar soap as i thought soaps and body washes and shaving creams or anything lol were making it worse i have also been through many different brands of toilet paper after noticing they to irritated me bad and the lint they leave is one of the main irritants i think! i love my husband and want a normal life and i know he gets frustrated as am i so if there are any women out there that may be able to shine some light on this for me i would be forever grateful!!!

    • Hello! I was doing a search for “am I having an allergic reaction to my tp?” and came across this site! How “unfortunately” nice to hear that other women are having vaginal itching also…(notice the unfortunately part). I gradually noticed that I was very dry, itchy and raw in that area only….like Monica says, my sex life was becoming almost non-existent because of the pain and agony. I was walking like a crazy woman! I made my husband ‘check under the hood” (I’ll spare you from his comments!:O). I know I have been going through menopause for the last 5 years or so…the last 7-8 months were the worst!! So I thought I was just so dry that it was raw…however, my hubby said that there was nothing there, no raw spots, not even red…imagine my surprise!! UGH. Anyhow, I started doing research on my self after all the creams in the world didn’t work. I stopped using tp at home…I just wash with water and after about 3 days I am better!! NOW, to figure out what kind…I can use so when I am away I can find it. I changed brands b/c, as Monica said, I was having ‘cling-ons’ with the soft stuff…not very romantic….
      and the dryness of menopause didn’t help that either! I am thinking that getting a peri bottle from a hospital, like the ones they gave me after I had my children…that would help…except at work!
      By the way, the detergent really couldn’t be the culprit b/c I don’t itch anywhere else……Good Luck Monica…and to the patient!! (It hurts!).
      Let me know if you can find a tp that won’t make it raw!!

  12. I am so glad I came across this website. I have been battling this for about 2 years off and on. I have came to the conclusion its the Angel Soft TP. I am diabetic and when I go through periods of frequent urination, the irritation begins. Angel Soft leaves lint behind. I am talking a lot of lint. I began using water instead, but I didn’t like that “damp” feeling. My husband swears by Angel Soft because its septic tank safe (I live in the boonies), but something has got to give. I think its the recycled products and chemicals they use to recycle that might be doing it. Anyone else found a good TP that doesn’t leave lint or cause a reaction? Please share if you are having an Angel soft reaction as well. I have read a few other articles where people are having the same issues.

    • I have been in agony! We have always used Scott toilet paper and several weeks ago, I bought a few cases of Angel Soft that was on sale. Until today it had not even crossed my mind it may be the toilet tissue. I have tried all kinds of creams, diaper rash ointments, etc. it is so bad that skin has come off looking like I was burned in spots. I work 12 to 14 hour shifts and it wasn’t bad at work using the cheap industrial stuff either. But the minute I got home it was horrific with the itching. Something told me to google it, and I came across this site. So today I am going back to Scott to see if it helps. By the way it is septic safe also as we have a septic system. I am hoping it does help, and can’t believe how many people have reported that angel soft causes these kinds of irritations. If it doesn’t get better than I am back to the beginning trying to figure it out. Good luck on your journey…..

    • I agree, angel soft is the devil.I had to give it up due to itching too..Scotts 1000 is the only tp I can lint gets left behind with scotts 1000 either! And itching weren’t away

    • *went away

  13. I came across this website after looking up info on toilet paper. Same as everyone else, been itching for sometime in the private area. I have been using hydrcortisone cream which has helped but not fixed the problem. I have now been using baby wipes hypoallergenic with aloe and wow what a wonderfull surprise, this has helped and cleared my itching and soreness up. I still have been using toilet paper to wipe then use the baby wipes. It’s doing the job.

  14. Charmin strong TP is pricey but does not leave lint. I was looking this up as I am having issues after changing to a no name brand TP. Think I will go back to Charmin. It’s worth the money not to have this annoying itch

  15. I have recently found I have a similar problem with Toliet paper. Angel soft is especially bad. The only one that works for me now is Scotts. My husband bought the scotts extra soft and that did not work.

  16. Hi Guys,
    It feels good to know that I’m not the only one going insane.Like many you I have questioned a zillion times what is it that causes this intense itching in my private areas.It drives me nuts believe me and I can completely relate to all of you here hence decided to share this so that it maybe of help to maybe a few.
    Now couple of months for some reason I thought that I should stop using toilet paper as that is the only thing I could think of which was finally responsible for my plight.Hard to believe however my ITCHING disappeared within a week of not using toilet paper after almost 12 years.Yes it did however I still believe that it was toilet paper that could havw been reaponsible for it all.Started using the toilet roll about 2 weeks back and my itching back with a vengeance. This time I’m sure that its the toilet roll which is responsible for my allergy. LADIES stop using toilet rolls and see if ot works for you guys too.Do let me know if it works. We could help others.This freaking itching is such a spoiler. I abhor it.

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    I think you are allergic to angel soft!!! And here’s why…I used angel soft for years and started getting itchy down there and burning and literally thought I had std, etc! I tried everything…getting off dairy, cutting out sugars, nothing…One day I realized that it usually got really itchy after I had just wiped…..I decided to switch brands of toilet paper…..I switched to charmin ultra strong toilet paper……what? Gone! I noticed if I used certain cheap toilet paper while out that I would get itchy…..It has been over a year since I have had the problem so I decided to try angel soft again. At first I thought…wow it’s not bothering me, then about 2 weeks later….bam! Itch is back….allergy for sure! It’s back to buying charmin ultra strong…more pricy but worth it!

    • Also came across this blog by searching. I feel like I’m going crazy with the itching and irritation! We usually buy dg tp if we are broke & cottonelle if we are able but I sent my love you the store for the tp time & have been going insane since. He bought a big pack of angel soft which not so surprisingly seems to be the only specific brand mentioned in causing the problems. I think I’ll be buying myself a small pack & letting everyone use up that horrible stuff. Good luck ladies!

  18. I have the same problem my doctor gave me se eral different thzt didnt help i used several thing over the counter now that is not helping my ftiend advised me to use Aquaphor it helped for a while now my body is rejecting it smdh so when it get unbearable sometimes i take a asprin

  19. Paula Hall says:

    I’m so glad I found this blog. I have been wondering if my toilet paper could be causing an itch “down there”. The only reason I was able to finally connect the itch “down there” with my toilet paper is because of a problem I began having with my ears. Yes, my ears! Now my ears are itching terribly. Here’s my routine with the ears. After I shower I take two squares of TP and clean the water out of my ears and my ears began to itch so bad that I was waking up at night to try to get the itch to stop. So just today I connected the two. I have been racking my brain about this and I have to believe it’s the TP. I use Charmin extra soft but I haven’t always used it. I loaded up on it about three months ago during a sale and that’s also when everything started. I usually don’t pay that much for TP. So, I am going back to the cheap stuff and see if everything clears up. Thank you so much for posting this blog! I even asked my hairdresser if shampoo can go bad because I thought the itch in my ears was because of the shampoo I was using. I googled “itching because of toilet paper” and found this blog. Thank you so much and thanks to the others who posted on here.

  20. All of the pretty scented items could be causing allergies even asthma, itching, rashes. Most common brands have an unscented version also. And this unpleasantness can be from anything like the shampoo on your head to the lotion you use, bath soap, laundry soap, anything that touches your skin. You think you wash all the soaps off? You still smell it afterwards correct? There are still residues from it left behind. If your child is suffering from the above, also cease using carpet fresheners, all air sprays and any other perfumed products. This is not an uncommon allergy/sensitivity so maybe you should cut way back on them anyway as some of your guests could have problems with them. You could also try natural ones like Cinnamon and Wintergreen Oil but don’t forget these are from plants which can cause problems as well. Good luck!

  21. Tamra Phelps says:

    I hope you found the culprit of your itchiness. Mine turned out to be a diabetic thing. (It never completely goes away on my right leg, but anti-fungal creams keep it under control most of the time. Even though the doctor says it is not fungal. If it was fungal, the cream would cure it completely.) Apparently, there is no cure for the diabetic rash that occasionally blisters & itches like crazy. Argh!

  22. Yvonne vieira says:

    Glad I found this,itching can drive anyone crazy and have had issues for several months thinking yeast and have tried diflucan to hydrocortizone to epsom salt baths,and next was to be aveeno oatmeal baths but,as I have no discharge or odor,I have just past menopause but have been dry so thought to try reples.I have no yeast so to cut it short,I’m now thinking it’s the toilet paper.I use charmin ultra soft and I’m going to try the Scott 1000 recommended here.If it helps,I’ll be forever great full for this sight…Nothing else seems to help for long..

  23. J Allen-Williams says:

    Regarding toilet paper. I’ve been using Angel Soft for awhile and noticed I was having a severe reaction in the private area. Not much itching as it is more swollen with what appears to be boils in that area. I finally figured out it was the Angel Soft tp that is scented on the roll with some kind of lavender scent. I had to immediately go to the store and get another brand, unscented of course. It’s helping, but it’s slowly clearing the problem. I had to use so many products to help that problem go away. I used apple cider vinegar and it opened the boils to where there’s a bit of blood now. I have 4 boils and they all caused pain and swelling. Needless to say, this is not comfortable. The makers of Angel Soft will be hearing from me tomorrow.

  24. I’ve had an issue for years. I’ve used tons of creams and antibiotics. I bet its toilet paper. They recycle and make toilet paper with recycled materials.

  25. Katmando says:

    Check your air freshener.

    Recently I put a glade air freshener in my bathroom cabinets, next to my cleaning supply. My Tp is in an open basket under there too.

    After reading some comments I went to investigate. I smelled my TP, my TP smelled soooo strongly of the new air freshener! I trashed the air freshener and am buying some new tp.
    Thanks ladys.

  26. I am so glad there are other women out there!!! I have been itching on and off for a year now. I to have had tests from the gyno and they come back negative for yeast. I stopped taking one of my medications under my doctors supervision because I thought it was the culprit. After many home tests. Shower gel, shampoo, etc. I have come to the conclusion it’s the toilet paper I have tried every brand and they all leave “clitty litter” Scott has seemed to work the best by far. I am going to try a tree free bamboo sugar cane brand that is chlorine and lint free. I have also found an product that helps with moisture called V-magic, it’s expensive 19.99 on Amazon. The post menapausal women rave about it. It has been helping me heal though all the tp changes.

  27. Fabulous article! BLOGTITLE honestly tends to make my evening somewhat happier ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep on with the wonderful posts! Thank you!

  28. After a year…I just figured this out too…its Angel Soft TP. I have used it most of my life…but then switched to “green” TP. When there was a sale on angel soft I would buy in a pinch. EVERY time I use it, or my son uses it we both get a horrible rash. Its a nightmare. The pain is excruciating. This just happened again…for the last time. We will never use Angel Soft again.

  29. I have been itching down there off and on for a few weeks. I finally realized last night that it might be the tp I’ve been using…Angel Soft. I house sat for two weeks over Christmas and pretty much all of my itching went away. (Actually I forgot about it) but I woke up in the middle of the night last night wanting to scream. I realized that it may be from this blasted angel soft. I haven’t used it today and I already feel soooooo much better! I will be contacting the company. They need to know how much discomfort they are causing many many people!

  30. I have had itching issues for the last 2 1/2 yrs. I have begun to educate myself about the textile industry as well as toilet paper. Clothing, and toilet paper, can contain bleach, formaldehyde, alcohol, phosphate, chlorine, peroxides, fragrances, dyes and anti-bacterial properties. This stuff is just plain bad for our skin. I recently switched my clothing to organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and have seen a vast improvement on the rashes on a great deal of my body. Now I am thinking of quitting toilet paper (for the frontal area) and using organic cotton washcloths instead. If any of this resonates with you, consider joining my Facebook support group;

  31. Those who find problems with toilet paper should also be careful with feminine hygiene products. They too can contain some nasty additives.

    The Facebook support group I moderate is called: Textile Allergy (contact dermatitis- dye/ chemicals/ pesticides in clothes)

    I am thinking about how I can update the title to include allergies to toilet paper and feminine products.

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