Redecorating The RV Bedroom

This is what the bedroom looked like before I started:

redecorating the RV bedroom

This is the old bedspread, pillows and curtains.

It was hard to think about redecorting the RV. It came with that brown print bedspread, the pillows and the curtains. Some guy at the RV manufacturing plant decided what my bedroom should look like. That bedspread, while it matches everything int he room, was incredibly ugly and scratchy. I hated it from day one. As a matter of fact, in our other RV, I threw the bedspread that came with it away the very first day after we moved in bought a comforter and pillow shams to put in there. The only reason I didn’t do that with this one, is that the bed is a weird size–queen stuff is too big, king stuff is too small. So, we have used this same set for more than 4 years.

In October, I got my quilt finished and put it on the bed, and threw that ugly bedspread away. After the lovely quilt was on the bed, I immediately thought “I need some new pillows and curtains”. I got online and ordered some matching fabric so I could make them:

My quilt

I kept thinking about making those pilllows, but with the flower girl dress sitting there on my sewing table, I couldn’t do anything else until that project was done. It taunted me–I wanted to do other things, but that dang dress wouldn’t let me. Thank goodness I finished it last week, so I could move on.

The pillow project took three days, mostly because I was doing other things during the day instead of sewing.  When they were finished, I did the curtains in about two hours. So here is what it looks like now:

redecorating the RV bedroom

The new look, quilt, pillows, curtains

The only thing left to do now is cover the cornice boards. I am trying to decide what to do with them. I only have the striped fabric left, but I am thinking about ordering more of the brown to cover the cornice boards. What do you think? Stripes? Brown? one of the other prints in the quilt?

Tomorrow I am going to be posting a tutorial on how to make the RV curtains. Stay tuned for that.

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  1. Beautiful!!!! I am thinking of redoing our bathroom once we are settled in Texas. I want to paint the cupboards and the wallpaper and get a new shower curtain. I think my next project after that will be to tackle our bedroom. We have three windows like the one in your picture with metal blinds (we have wood in the living/kitchen area) and I took the curtains down and tossed them long ago. Actually my girlfriend gave them to her sister she is making something with them but I can’t remember what.

    Thanks for the inspiration and I like the brown for the valance as you have stripes in the curtains.

  2. This looks fabulous ! I’m not sure if I’d go with the brown…it might be a bit overpowering because of your shams and quilt backing being that color. Unless you do a 2-layer valance similar to the one you have. Do the brown on the bottom edge and a small print on the upper section. Maybe the same material you used on the ruffle.

    Whatever you do, I’m sure it will look great.

    I’m getting ready to start my first quilt. Between my mom, sister and you, I’m inspired!

  3. Same as the frill around the pillows. Looks neat. You are very clever.

  4. Be sure you tell us how you do the cornice boards, we have one in the living room that one of our cats has used as a scrating board… Bedroom looks great, very relaxing and soothing colors.

  5. I think I’d like the solid color myself. But honestly, I dislike those cornice boards and we have them everywhere.

  6. Beautiful work! I love the colors in each of your pieces. I think for the cornice I would go one of the prints in the quilt or maybe the ivory color with some buttons and make some paddes squares or diamond with wthe mixture of the prints and put a button hole in the center so you can interchange it with other future quilt options………..I am always likeing change……..I decorate for each holiday and my curtains come down for the ones that match what ever I am putting on the bed………GREAT JOB!

  7. You did a great job!!! I say… brown. 🙂

  8. Pamela in Glynn, La. says:

    I would make the curtain brown. I wouldn’t want to distract from that beautiful quilt with too many other patterns around the immediate area. You are one talented lady!

  9. Wow what a change it looks great. I would go with a beige or whatever color the majority light color of the quilt is.

  10. Your quilt is beautiful!

  11. Your new bedroom set looks great……and what a great job you do sewing. We are also re-doing our trailer, little by little, and I’ve been looking for new set for the bedroom. Nothing has caught my eye yet but when I see it, I will know! (I don’t sew).
    We’ve been working on the living/dining area first. New table and chairs to replace dinette, new wallpaper border, and removed all the old factory installed cornice boards and curtains. Still looking for new curtains. Also want new, more comfy sofa and new recliners. LOL – not wanting much!!
    Love to see the pictures….keep ’em coming.

  12. Ya, I would use one of the pattern out of the quilt for the, as you call cornice boards. This is the valance board and not the closet doors, right?

  13. LOVE the bedroom. You are so talented and I am SOOOO jealous. I love the color scheme. It’s perfect for the bedroom. 😀

  14. I love it!!! And your color choices are awesome!!! Very fresh and modern. The first thing I did with our new RV was to put away the set the trailer came with and put out my own quilt, shams and curtains. When we purchased the RV, I checked to be sure I could find a valance to fit the window in the bedroom and that the walls wouldn’t pin me into a corner. It came without a back headboard so I lucked out.

  15. Oh, what a difference this makes. What a wonderful job you have done. I just love it!! I need to do the same thing with our bedroom, but have just put it off….maybe this summer. I need to paint and well, I prefer not too!!!

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