Going To Alabama Day V

Sunrise in Shamrock Texas

As you can see from the photo of this beautiful SUNRISE, that mean old FabGrandpa made me get up before the sun came up today. What the heck is up with THAT? I’m on vacation, I think!  We left the West 40 RV Park in Shamrock right after 8:00 a.m. so we could go to town and buy a tire to replace the one that blew out yesterday. C & H Supply was right off of Hwy 66 in downtown Shamrock. They sell tires, feed, and some sort of deterrent for horn flies.

C & H Supply

The guys at C & H got our tire mounted and put one in about 30 minutes. $125 later, we were on our way. We went about three blocks down the road to 66 Shop, a diesel repair shop the guy at C & H recommended to FabGrandpa. Although we had the fuel hoses changed and a new fuel pump installed in Kanab less than a month ago, we still had a fuel leak on the truck. Butch at 66 Shop came out to the truck, which we had to park on the street, and fixed it for us. The top of the fuel filter was loose, he tightened it up, and did it for no charge. What a guy!

Butch and FabGrandpa

Gotta love small town America! Shamrock, Texas, on I-40 & Route 66, population 2029.

Shamrock, population 2029

And so, we finally got out of town at 9:17 a.m., new tire, fuel leak fixed, headed into Oklahoma.

gaaahhhh! been up HOURS already!

And I know you can’t see this much, but that is the Welcome To Oklahoma sign. The sun was shining right behind it, so the photo didn’t turn out very good,  but trust me, that is it.

Oklahoma state line

This is Oklahoma, just across the line. It looks a lot greener than Texas, that we just left. Also, Oklahoma has some rolling hills. I always thought Oklahoma was flat as a pancake. I guess I was wrong about that.

greener grass in Oklahoma

Just some scenery in Oklahoma:

A cute little farm house

Some cedars on the road side.

And suddenly, we were in Oklahoma City. Lots of cars. Big buildings, Too much traffic. Ahhhhhhh! I have forgotten what it was like to be in so much traffic.

Oklahoma City

But we made it through, and out the other side intact. The next big city we encounter will be Memphis, on Monday. Not looking forward to that at all. Here’s some more of Oklahoma City:

lots more traffic than I am accustomed to

We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel somewhere east of Oklahoma City. When we got back on the highway, it was under construction for several miles. They had closed one whole side of I-40, and routed the traffic onto the lane next to us, going the other way. That always scares me because it looks like those big trucks are coming right at us!

road work on I-40

We decided to call it a day in Sallisaw, Oklahoma instead of going all the way in to Ft. Smith. It was only another 38 miles, but it was getting late and we just wanted to get off the road. The KOA here is pretty nice–the spot we got was really level, too.

Sallisaw KOA

I was surprised that as late as it is in the season, the leaves haven’t fully changed here. This maple is about half way.

a maple tree at the KOA

Caught the sunset here in Sallisaw. Yep, before sun-up, til after sun-down. That FabGrandpa is a slave driver!

Sunset in Sallisaw

I had a great video of a wind farm but I couldn’t get it uploaded to You Tube. If I can get it up there tomorrow, I will post it later.

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  1. Maybe FabGrandpa got you up to take a picture of that gorgeous sunrise. (One a week of those is enough.) Shamrock treated you good. I think Texas is boring, only got a little better in Oakieland, and that city looks terrifying. I’ve forgotten how far away you are going. Good luck on the road tomorrow.

  2. We’re having a nice trip with you, thanks. Lucky you got the tyre fixed and the leak. Good old country help.

  3. You are being followed, more or less. We went from Albuquerque to Sayre yesterday, plan to be at the Agricenter in Memphis by Sunday for three days. Maybe the roads will get better. Hope the rest of your trip to Alabama is a good one. (The trees in Sallisaw look so pretty.)

  4. That “maple” looks like a sweet gum to me. They are one of the last to lose leaves here in Ohio. Have a safe journey.

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