Tada! Nana’s Wire Wrapped Jewelry Is On Etsy!

Nana and Poppa in 1992

The last time we visited with my mother and father in law, Nana asked me to take some of the wire wrapped jewelry she makes home with me and put it for sale in my shop. It only took me three months, but I finally got time yesterday to take pictures of each individual piece, measure them, and write a description so that I could upload them to my Etsy shop.  Yes, it is a time consuming process, but something I feel honored to be able to do for my in-laws. They have been wonderful to me over the 18 years that FabGrandpa and I have been married, so it is nice to be able to do something nice for them.

Nana at home in April 2010

Nana and Poppa both make jewelry. They used to go all over in their motorhome, doing craft shows and selling their beautiful pieces. They haven’t been able to travel in a number of years, so they haven’t had anywhere to sell what they make.

Poppa relaxing in his chair April 2010

I only have the first 10 pieces listed so far, but more are coming, just as soon as I have a minute to get them posted. Yesterday when I was taking pictures, the battery died in my camera. It is charging right now, and later today I am going outside for another photo session.

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  1. It’s so cool that your in-laws share a hobby, and so nice of you to help them out with it. Tell Nana that the turquoise pendant is my favorite so far!

  2. Wow, this really is impressive wrapping. Shouldn’t have any problem selling it in the right market. But sure is a lot of work to get it all set up. Good for you. Jim really looks a lot like his Mom.

  3. Very nice! Isn’t it fabulous that they have something they enjoy to do together?
    I’m visiting with everything etsy, hope you visit me too.

  4. Hi there, I thought you had disappeared into cyberspace as your link disappeared from my Blog list. I love the quilt that you made so quickly. The jewelry is nice too. So where are you now back at the Grand Canyon?

  5. Hi Karen, Just a note to let you know I enjoyed your site, really nice bags for business cards and smaller ones for nails and files, and nail polish, Oh bye the way your quilts are georgus.
    I miss working at the Canyon, we enjoyed being campground host a few years ago. I do plan on putting my greeting cards on Etsy someday, I just can’t seem to find time with Dancin Granny routines. I preformed 3 times last week, and now we are getting ready for a preformance in Palm Springs, we, The Desert Cactus Kickers, are the opening act for a group called the Rave. You can look us up on the internet The Desert Cactus Kickers.com
    I also have been working on more western- cowboy cards for my collection. I will try to send you some samples. Are you and Jim still at the Canyon?


  6. Karen, I think that little bag you made is a i-pod holder De

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