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Amelia's Quilt Pattern available in PDF file.

I have written up the instructions for making Amelia’s Quilt, and made it into a PDF file. There are lots and lots of pictures showing each step of the way. If you’d like to make your own baby quilt, you can get your own copy of the pattern for $5.00 by clicking here.

I love to see quilts hanging on a line.

Here's the back of the quilt.

OH! and quilts always look better with a baby!

There she is with the quilt I made for her. Sweet!

Sorry, I can’t provide the cute baby, you gotta do that yourself. But doesn’t the quilt look so much sweeter with Miss Amelia sleeping on it?

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  1. Definitely Amelia’s quilt. More pink for this beautiful little girl. She’ll look extra sweet in her new dress, on the quilt.

  2. I’ve been learning to quilt lately, and I’ve found that I love those pieced backs – something different, almost like another quilt on the back. Sweet little baby girl, there, too. I’ll have to get my children married off and providing the babies in this family! LOL

  3. OMG She is soooo pretty and sets off the quilt beautifully. What a perfect picture of heaven.

  4. You are so clever. I tried to make a quilt once.

    We don’t speak of it.

    And BAY-BEE!!!!!!! Ommmm nommm nommm on those cheeks.

  5. Such a pretty quilt. I also love the one Barb tested and showed on her blog.

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