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This is not as easy as it looks! I spent a good part of yesterday getting things ready to put in the shop. I think I like making things better than doing the work part of uploading them. It wouldn’t be so hard to do if the internet service I had was better, but the whole day yesterday was cloudy, rainy, overcast; and when the weather is like that the satellite internet just doesn’t work well. Don’t get it if you were thinking you wanted it!

So, I have put some little business card wallets I make with the pattern I got from Kekalou;

some more of the little quilted zipper bags:

and some jewelry I made last winter:

I Made It Blog Party

Thanks for taking a look!

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Karen Eidson is telling the world way too much about her, whether they want to know it or not. She writes about her life of living full time in an RV, eating a gluten free diet, things she does for fun, and things that are important to her. She makes you look at photos of her grandchildren, talk about her husband's survival of oral cancer, and shows you things she has made. You know you want to look.


  1. love those little wallets. very sweet!

  2. The business card wallets are a great addition to your shop. That’s for linking to a pattern…even though that won’t help me. 🙂 I’m pattern-challenged for sure. And how did you make the silver bracelet? Everything is beautiful and thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas with us! I love visiting your blog!


  3. mike dupuy says:

    cool stuff! Your right, ain’t as easy as it looks.

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