186 Miles

That is how far it is, give or take a mile or two, across the state of Lousey-anna.  I make this statement because I want to warn other “big-chested” women to make sure they have a very good, very tight, bra before driving across this state on I-20.

Every mile of the way, my ta-ta’s were tortured, my mamaries were mangled, my boobies were bruised.  There was no way I would have been able to drive, as I spent the entire time with my arms crossed across my chest in an effort to protect the girls. That was an impossible task! I was never more glad to leave a state than I was when we crossed over into Mississippi. Just sayin. Get a good bra before you go through Louisiana.
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Karen Eidson is telling the world way too much about her, whether they want to know it or not. She writes about her life of living full time in an RV, eating a gluten free diet, things she does for fun, and things that are important to her. She makes you look at photos of her grandchildren, talk about her husband's survival of oral cancer, and shows you things she has made. You know you want to look.


  1. Either get the good bra or make sure that I'M around to kiss 'em and make 'em better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said!

  3. Ha ha ha you had me in stitches and drew a vivid picture in my mind of you bouncing through Lousey anna.

  4. Ouch.

  5. Ms. Fiddlesticks says:

    Was it pot holes or speed breakers?
    Keep going you are almost there. Alabama or (bust). I made a pun. Have a great weekend.

  6. Linda's Place says:

    is there something you neglected to tell us about your friend Lceel?? Sounds like the girls have had a workout….good thing it wasn't dip type bumps or you would have had black eyes too, just sayin LOL

  7. Jason, as himself says:

    This is a problem that I have honestly never really considered! You mean large bosoms aren't all fun and games?

  8. Junk Drawer Kathy says:

    OMG. Hilarious! (but sorry). I had a teeth-rattling, boob-shaking drive on a bus through very rough terrain on the way to the Grand Canyon. We went to the "purist" southern end, where "purist" means no roads to speak of.

  9. What a hoot gal. I hate to wear that damn bra. They were invented by men anyway.

    You are almost here. It is Saturday night and maybe you are here somewhere in Ala.

    Take care. Hope to meet and see you in the near future. Lidna

  10. Just too dam funny! LOL
    Thanks for the warning.

  11. LCeel: That is what I have FabGrandpa for!

    Diane: Yes, I can still see it myself.

    Devi: double ouchie!

    Ms. Fiddlesticks: It was just a very rough road. It was very obvious that Louisiana does not have the money to keep up with road maintenance. They had the roughest, poorest roads of any state we have traveled through.

    Linda: nope, nothing to tell. And yeah, if I hadn't folded my arms over my chest, I would have two black eyes, hehehe.

    Jason: More trouble than you will ever know, my friend.

    Junk Drawer Kathy: Yep, some of those Grand Canyon unpaved roads will knock your teeth out too, if you aren't careful.

    Linda Sue: I, unfortunately, have to wear a bra all the time, but a better one is called for on a trip through Louisiana.

    Gaelyn: yep, it was a real hoot(er)!

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