Becky and The Parents Day 1

We left the North Rim headed for Page, Arizona early enough to have breakfast at Jacob Lake Inn.  We stopped at the scenic overlook of House Rock Valley.  Here is Becky with the Vermillion Cliffs in the background. 

The next stop was at the balancing rocks near Cliff Dwellers in Marble Canyon.  Those rocks are huge! How they don’t tumble over is a miracle to me!

This is a view of the Colorado River from Navajo Bridge. It is absolutely gorgeous!

And this is looking across at the other side of the bridge at the very eastern edge of the Grand Canyon.

We stopped for lunch at Fiesta Mexicana, where Becky and I both ordered Camarones a la Plancha. Yummo!  
After lunch we toured Glen Canyon Dam. It is the second highest dam in the United States. The highest is of course the Hoover Dam.

This is one of the old turbine rotors. Th original on was placed in service in 1964, and was replaced this year. That is FabGrandpa’s backside there in the photo.

Lake Powell, so much blue, blue water in the middle of the desert.

The Colorado River where it comes out of Lake Powell at the Glen Canyon Dam. That bridge is Hwy 89 in Page. 

See that water pouring out of the pipe at the bottom? That is what they call seepage, water that seeps through the concrete and rock from behind the dam. 1600 gallons a minute worth of seepage. Amazing! And there is enough moisture for those plants to grow right on the rocks.  

More tomorrow!
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  1. So far, a wonderful adventure.

    Thanks again for the shower. I turned off the water and heater.

  2. Fantastic photos! The US has some of the most amazing places to visit, this is one of them. I visited Page a couple of years back. Fell in love with the area back then. Thanks for the great tour.

  3. Wonderful photos. And that sure seems like a lot of 'seepage'.

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