Guess Who Is In Town?

The bull bison I saw last week was scoping out the territory for his family. This morning when I went out to the entrance station, there they all were. And I had my camera this time:

When I drove up, they started running. What an amazing sight to see them all turn in unison and stampede across the meadow!

The whole herd stayed out there most of the day. They caused a “Buffalo Jam”, with tourists stopping to take pictures, parking all over the place, even leaving their cars in the road to get out and get closer.

The buffalo wandered around the meadow, sometimes going all the way over to the trees, sometimes coming back close to the road. Here they are all bunched up by the entrance sign:

When I had no cars coming, I watched them with binoculars. They really are amazing animals. I got lots of questions from visitors:

Are they wild? yes. Do they stay up here all winter? no. Where do they go when it gets cold? I have no idea, but probably down in the canyon. Have they birthed their young yet? I think so, because when I was out there this morning I saw some calves. How many are there? About 80 of them. Are they dangerous? yes, if you make them mad, they can charge you.

I hope I get to see them again soon.

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  1. WOW! What a treat for you and the tourists.

  2. Hi Karen,what a treat for you and your husband to actually live out your dream. Thanks for sharing about the buffalow; I'll be back for more. Thanks for visiting my blog. Regards from South Africa

  3. I'm so jelous. I have to get out there. Maybe today.

    They winter in House Rock Valley to the east. When it gets hot down there they come up to the Plateau to cool off. They are left over from the late 1800s when Uncle Jim Owens and another rancher attempted to breed them with cattle. Seems they don't know about the park boundary.

    Great captures. Glad you finally remembered the camera.

  4. good job on remembering that dang camera! they are amazing and magnificent animals.

  5. Yarntangler says:

    And this is why we love the life of Workamping! People either think we are the luckiest folks on earth or the craziest. I think it's a little of both! But you have to ask, "Could you have seen this from your former home?"
    Great shots, Karen!

  6. This is why you did not have the camera the other times. You were fortunate enough to get the whole herd! The pics are awesome. I am sure they are more magnificent with you own eyes!

  7. Marilyn says:

    WOW what a blessing. To watch and savor what you are seeing, to embed it in your mind for future review. THAT my dear is living fulltime in a RV. What a wonderful life we have. You get to see Buffalo and I just saw a 6 foot rattler with 7 rattles. Hummmm I think I would choose a Buffalo. Thanks for the pictures.

  8. I am always amazed when we stop in Yellowstone each year, that people actually walk up to the buffalo to get their picture taken. How crazy is that? These are very large dangerous animals. These are not pets or locked in a zoo. Please be careful.

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