One More Thing From Our Visit With Geogypsy

A while back, Gaelyn wrote about getting a deal on a pair of cut glass earrings. I admired them when she posted a picture of them on her blog.

When we were up there visiting last week, she gave them to me. I have to say, I adore them. They are clip ons, perfect for me because my ears aren’t pierced. My maternal grandmother was from Austria, so I like to think that maybe someone I am related to had a hand in making them, and somehow they made their way to me after all these years.

You just never know. Thank you so much, Gaelyn!

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  1. My favourite colour. Lucky you!

  2. Fly Girl says:

    What a lovely blue color! I’d wear these and my ears are pierced!

  3. They look so nice on you.

    Happy Easter!

  4. Oh, those are beautiful! 🙂

  5. you have sweet friends! 🙂

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