I Had A totally Fabulous Post Planned But Then Things Went To Shit…

So I was planning to write all about our vacation every night but then… We got to the inn, which I still love so much, but they do not have wireless internet, AND my Verizon Wireless card does not get a signal in the room here. AND my cellphone says I am roaming–In MEXICO!!! Which I am not because I am still in California.

Then, on top of that, FabGrandpa is sick–he has been making good use of the bathroom here at the inn. Throwing up, and, yeah, that other end stuff, too. I know if he doesn’t make it there the motel maid is sooooo going to be doing the clean-up. He is hoping that it is only a 24 hour virus bug and that he will be better tomorrow. And I am hoping like crazy that is something he ate so I won’t get sick next.

So, since I have to walk two blocks down to the internet cafe to get online, and they are charging a heft $3.00 PER HOUR, I won’t be posting vacation blogs until we get home. For now, though, since I already paid the $3.00 to get online, here are some pictures from the trip yesterday, and the beach:

Harvesting Broccoki in Yuma, Arizona

The Sand Dunes in California along I-8

Highway 94 in Southern California Mountains

Part of that fence along the border
Imperial Beach last night. Ahhhhhh…..

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  1. oh man, I hope fabgranpa gets better asap!

    The pictures are wonderful. I have a cousin in Yuma, I’ve been wanting to visit him for a while now.

  2. Stay healthy.

  3. Christine says:

    Fantastic! Stay healthy and have a really great holiday and I hope Fab Grandpa feels better quick. You can tell us all about it when you get home.

  4. Well – as they say, you’re making memories!

  5. Sorry to hear all the sad news. Hope Jim starts feeling better. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the rest of the story.


  6. I hope FabGrandpa gets better soon!! So Verizon is charging your roaming fees even though you are in California? Methinks they are trying to scam money out of you.

  7. Absolutely Not Martha says:

    that sunset is GORGEOUS! hope fabgrandpa is feeling better.

  8. Aww,, sorry bout Fabgrandpa! Can’t wait for the full story when your home, and great pics as always!


    your luck is as good as mine

  10. Lynn Barry says:

    What an eciting life you live…I am envious! HUGS

  11. Yarntangler says:

    Since I’m a week late to the party I’ll just say I hope jim is feeling much better by now.

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