This Whole Thing Makes Me Sad

When FabGrandpa and I first got together, we lived together first. We had both been married twice before and while we knew we wanted to be together, we were scared to take that final plunge so soon. We did plan to get married but had not set a date yet.

Then, when he had been living with me for about six months, he and his daughter were in a bad auto accident. He had a broken hip, five broken ribs, two ruptured discs in his neck and a concussion. He was in the hospital for thirteen days, nine of it in intensive care.

The day before the doctors let him go home, he had a very serious talk with me. He was worried that I would not want him to come home to my house to recuperate. I thought it was odd of him to even ask, because I loved him and couldn’t imagine him not coming home there. I told him he could, but that we needed to get married. The day that the wreck happened, the people at the hospital wouldn’t allow me to go in to see him in the emergency room because I was not his wife!!! So, as soon as he was able to stand up without support, we got married. Our first rings were gold bands we bought at Wal-Mart.

He was not able to return to work for almost two years. One day while I was at work in Atlanta, the attorney called me and said he had a check for us from the other guy’s insurance company. I went to pick it up. It was a large check, the largest one I have ever held in my hands! When I got home, I gave it to FabGrandpa, because it was his money and the check was made out to him.

The next day, when he picked me up from the park and ride lot, he gave me these wedding rings, and every penny of the rest of the check. To me, it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Even though we both considered the money to belong to us both, he made that elegant gesture of giving me everything he had. And that is what makes it so sad for me to know that I have lost one of those precious diamonds. It is worth the world to me.

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  1. That is a lovely story (well, not the accident part) and yes, losing the diamond is sad. But it’s good you feel that way, too, you know?

  2. get those points checked! regularly. they are easy to fix and you will never suffer this sadness again.
    isn’t it unusual/nice how tragedy makes the “normal” days that much sweeter.
    I’m glad both of you have found someone to love and trust so deeply in each other.

  3. A lovely story! I know how you feel about your rings BUT maybe you should just wear your wedding band and put the diamond away for special occasions. Since we started fulltiming 4 1/2 years ago, I wear only my wedding band and put my diamond on when we go somewhere special.

    Just a thought!

  4. Oh no! I almost lost one once. It was loose and I caught it in time. Now I get the ring checked regularly.

    What a sweetheart that you married!

  5. You made me cry – I am my mother’s daughter, you know.

    How big was the diamond that was lost? I am wondering because I have a little baggie with a couple of naked diamonds and wonder if one of them would fit in your ring?

  6. I’m so sorry for you. You and Fab Grandpa have a wonderful story. I, too, lost a some diamonds out of my wedding ring. I was at a football game, clapping and yelling and jumping up and down in the chilly weather. My fingers seem to shrink in the cold and it felt like my wedding ring was about to fall off, so I moved another ring in front of it and later put on a pair of gloves. That night when I took off my gloves, I was shocked to see the diamonds were missing. They were not in the gloves either. Sadly, I’ve never gotten it fixed. I hope you get yours fixed soon and like someone else said, have all the points checked out.

  7. Froggi Donna says:

    What a wonderful story and even better memory. You may never find the original stone but it can be replaced…the memory will never NEED to be replaced. Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. Sad to hear that you lost a stone from your ring. I have a mother’s ring and I lost the same stone twice; it was heart breaking.

    My recommend is to get the prongs checked:) so you don’t lose another one.

    Hope you are doing well. Alice

  9. i’m sorry about your lost of that precious stone. I’m glad you shared this story with us all.

  10. Aw, that really stinks that you lost one of the original diamonds. But well, we all know the important thing is you still have the man who gave them to you. You can replace one of the stones and you will always have your precious memories and stories of the how it was presented to you because that is what matters and is what touched you the most. 🙂 Maybe it is covered under insurance though – have you checked?

  11. Linda's Place says:

    DAhling, I’m very sorry that you lost your diamond, but you will never lose your Jim 😉

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