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Lynda and I went to our wire wrapping class on Saturday. The lady who taught the class makes some really pretty stuff, but she does not allow you to take pictures. I was going to show some of the process of making the bracelets we made, but she told me to “put away my camera”.
I can show the finished product:

I made the bracelet on the right with silver and gold wire in the class. I came home and made the one on the left with silver and copper wire. I definitely need some practice but they are ok for a beginner.

Here is what the clasp looks like. The one I made in class looks a whole lot better than the one I made at home later. Again, it just needs some practice.

These bracelets are 7 and a half inches long. I think I need to make mine 8 inches to fit my “plus size” wrist.

Then, today, I used a different pattern but the same concept to make this bracelet for FabGrandpa. I used a piece of sterling silver patterned wire and gold wire in it. This was really hard to make because it was hard to keep all the wires together and to keep them from bunching up while I was making the binding wraps. I got really frustrated with it and walked away from it three times before I was able to finish it. I like the way the clasp on this one looks.

Here is the front of his bracelet. I can see the mistakes in it, and my father in law probably will too, but then again, it does look pretty good for a beginner, and FabGrandpa liked it.

So, tell me what you think. Will I be able to master this?

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  1. I think your jewelry is FAB. You definitely have a gift for creating nice pieces. Keep up the craft. I am sure it will help supplement your full time life style.

  2. Simply Lovely.

    be patient. & remember not to be too hard on yourself.

  3. Mistakes? I dont’ see any. I think it looks great and I have no doubt you will master this. It is fun to learn something new, isn’t it? Cathy

  4. Those are really beautiful! I’m very impressed. And what kind of Nazi Jewelry Maker doesn’t let you take pictures??

  5. hot-lunch says:

    wow nice work!! that’s great!

  6. Froggi Donna says:

    Those are beautiful!!!!

  7. I think they look great. I figure that you are already doing pretty good!

  8. What? Suggestions? Critisim? I don’t think so! Looks like you have the hang of it already! Keep up the good work!

  9. I couldn’t see the mistakes you were pointing out so I’d say you are well on your way to mastery! These look fantastic. And you do seem to enjoy doing it!

  10. Looks really good to me. Try using scoth tape around the wires to help hold them while wrapping.

  11. BTW, did you actually learn from the Nazi?

  12. They look great! Keep up the awesome work.

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