Fall In Pennsylvania

By now you all probably think that all Jim and I do is drive around on our day off. Well, you could be right! Last week we were out for our drive, as usual, looking for a farm stand to buy some veggies for dinner. But, Karen, it is mid-October, you may be thinking. Yes, but the harvest goes on until the first frost, which has not happened yet, so I knew there would still be some goodies out there for the finding.

We drove down Jack’s Mountain Road, out of Fairfield, Pennsylvania, and when we got to Pennsylvania 16, we turned right towards Waynesboro. A couple miles down 16 we saw this sign:
So, we decided to follow the arrow, and boy are we glad we did. We turned onto Sunshine Trail, and it took us to the next sign, pointing to Harbaugh’s Farm on Harbaugh Road, in Harbaugh Valley. Charlie Harbaugh was working at the produce stand on his farm when we arrived. He told us the farm has been in his family for “generations”.

The veggtables for sale were a little bit old, because they had been picked on Saturday morning and we were there on Wednesday afternoon. We bought a peck of sweet red Italian peppers. There were about 20 or so peppers in the basket for only $4.00.

We got a head of broccoli, a huge bag of green beans, a butternut squash, a small pumpkin, some apples, a large onion for making some onion rings, and some turnips. I asked Charlie if he had any turnip greens, and he said they usually cut them off and throw them out because nobody around there eats them. But, he said, if you want some you are welcome to go out to the field and pull some yourself! I was overjoyed, because being a girl from the south, I grew up eating turnip greens and can not imagine anyone just throwing them out! He even gave us a bag to put them in.

Off we went down to the field, and guess what else we found there? We wound up picking another big bag of green beans, a fresh head of broccoli, and one of cauliflower, in addition to the huge bag of turnip greens to go with my turnips.

(Here I am with my treasure of turnip greens)

I felt like I had hit the vegetable jackpot. When all was said and done, I got all that stuff for $13.00. I put four pints of green beans and a gallon of chopped Italian peppers in the freezer. I cooked the turnip greens and put half of them in the freezer, too. We still have some green beans to be cooked in the refrigerator. I am thinking about going over there again this week to get some more green beans and broccoli because my little freezer is not full yet.

Here is one more picture for you from this trip, a barn right at the edge of the road.

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