How To Get Bigger Boobs Overnight

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I hate shopping. And of all the things in the whole world that I hate shopping for, I hate shopping for bras the most. It really irritates me that I have to spend so much money on those items of clothing just so that my breasts won’t flop around and look “unladylike” to others.

The other day, I had to go shopping for bras. The last time I bought some was about three years ago at a flea market in McAllen, Texas.I got some really nice, brand new Vanity Fair bras with the tags still on them, for $3.00 each. I picked out my size 38C unpadded underwire bras, paid for them, and took them home. They fit. How did I get bigger boobs overnight?

I have worn size 38C unpadded underwire bras since my youngest daughter was born 32 years ago. I have never had to try bras on at the store. I just bought them in the right size, took them home, and wore them until they wore out or sprung a wire, then went and got some more. That is exactly what I expected to do when I went to get some more the other day. I did not think I would get bigger boobs overnight.

But no! At my first choice of store, Target, there was not even one bra in the store that was a size 38C unpadded underwire version, in any brand. I even considered getting one that had just a little bit of padding, but nope, no 38C’s.I thought to myself, I must be in the world capital of size 38C boobies.So, I went to another store. Wal-Mart.

One thing I hate worse than shopping for bras is shopping at Wal-Mart for anything. But, because I was down to only two size 38C unpadded underwire bras, and one of those has a broken wire, I had to go get some new ones somewhere.

Since we were in Frederick for the day, I went to the Wal-Mart there. I found a couple different brands of bras that had my 38C unpadded underwire versions, so I grabbed up four of them, took them to the register, paid for them, and took them home. I felt victorious, that even though I had to go to Wal-Mart to get them, at least I had gotten my new underwear and it would be over with for another year.

When I got home, I changed into my nightgown and started cooking dinner for my husband and me. We have a new trailer that we just got in December. In my new kitchen, the microwave oven is installed above the stove top, where I have to reach over my head to put thing in and take things out. I was cooking steamed asparagus in the microwave that night.

When I reached into the microwave to take out the bowl of asparagus, I accidently poured the hot liquid from the bowl down the front of my body.I rushed into the bathroom and took off my clothes.I put cold water on the burn, then put on some Carmex. The pain stopped, but I was left with a two and half inch long red burn mark right between and slightly below my size 38C breasts.

The next morning, as I was getting dressed for the day, I attempted to don one of my new size 38C unpadded underwire bras that I purchased the day before. Now, I don’t know how other girls do it, but I have never learned how to put on a bra and fasten it behind my back. No, I have always hooked that sucker on backwards, then turned it around to the correct position, and commenced pushing my 38C’s into the cups. It’s like I am a contortionist at the circus every morning. But this day, that action was hampered not only by the pesky burn between my breasts, but also by the fact that even though the tags said “38C” on them, the dang thing wouldn’t fit. It seemed my boobs had grown overnight. 

It wasn’t even big enough to fasten, much less turn around on my body. What? I looked at the tag again, just to make sure I had picked up the right one at the store. Yes, it did say 38C on the tag, but the thing was just not big enough. Had I grown overnight? I mean, I have worn 38C unpadded underwire bras for 32 years, how could I have outgrown them in just one night? I soon realized that not only did that bra not fit, none of the ones I bought did. And then, I realized I would have to go back to Wal-Mart. Damn!

The next day, I went to the Wal-Mart in Gettysburg with my Bag O Bras from the other Wal-Mart. I had my receipt, but I had taken the tags of one of them. The sullen clerk at the Customer Service desk told me “I will take this back this time, but we normally don’t take bras back if the tags are torn off of them.” Oh, thanks, I’ll remember that one, but I had not expected that my boobs would grow overnight. 

After I got my money back, I went to the lingerie department. I quickly found the size 38C unpadded underwire bras in some different brands from the ones I had bought the day before. I took them to the dressing room to try them on, and guess what? They didn’t fit, either.Now I knew. My boobs HAD grown overnight. Just as I had suspected. I got dressed and went back out to the sales floor.

After trying on several bras, and irritating my burn along the way, I discovered that I had really blossomed into a size 40D in just 36 hours.So, now, I am the proud owner of six size 40D unpadded underwire bras. I hope I don’t grow any more.

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  1. Lynn Barry says:


  2. Karen, the exact thing happened to me about three years ago, and I am still growing, er, going strong. Can you tell me if there is a DDD, or do I start looking for an R?

  3. Moo’s school uniform was made in China. Instead of being a size 10 (6 in the US?) the dress is a size 22. Way to go arsehats. Manufacture a SCHOOL DRESS for a TEENAGE GIRL in a bizarre size matrix.

    She wouldn’t mind some Mexican bras though. Maybe Santa will bring her some 😉

  4. Yarntangler says:

    Okay so I’m a bit late with the comment but This explains sooooo much! I had exactly the same thing happen in May And if you think you had trouble try being a 42 B!

  5. Had to read this…the title was simply too irresistible. LOL That does explain a lot to me. I have had my breasts grow in minutes…right there in the fitting room!

    I hate under wire bras. They always seem to end up stabbing me. My favorite bra at the time is an ex under wire bra. I surgically removed the wire and the bra is fantastic. I am going to go and get some more of them and remove the wires. I think it is the most comfortable bra I have ever had. Just thought Ahem…I would share that.

    • How did you get them to grow in the dressing room so quickly, please hurry the answer back before breast surgeons close this website down, they hate people figuring things out.

  6. Hey, my name is moriah .
    um so how did you make your breats grow?
    burning them, or the Carmex.
    im confused,
    thanks moriah

  7. Karen, now I remember why I liked working with you so much!! I was so robbed by them making you night leader (minus the pay for it….) so that we didn’t get to work many full shifts together but our shift changes and little campfires were always fun!! I especially like Moriah’s comment – I think she might have tried one of them if you told her which one!! You are so funny – you should be in Vegas, not Flagstaff!!

  8. P.S. I love Christine’s tidbit – I had never thought of that. I’m constantly iso wireless and they are had to find in the larger sizes.

    Maybe it was something in the Gettysburg air that year b/c I went to DD’s around that time too. That just made Skip walk with his chest all puffed out and manly proud when we left the store!! I was the same when I walked out as when I walked in but just the thought of a wife with dds!!! lol

  9. Can totally relate – been there, done that and yes, returned the bras. I just wish when I found something I like they wouldn't "improve" it.

  10. mariah colleman says:

    Thansk so very hot water makes them grow thanks!

  11. Its not just the hot water, I think the hot water was just a little boost but mostly I think the carmax/carmex (same thing ) did it.

  12. Hi! I was just blown away when I read this! I just wanted to know what kind of carmex you used ? Foe e.x the carmex lip balm in the little tin , the carmex lip balm tube , the carmex healing cream , the carmex for cold sores? So I basically wanted to know if you used a lip Balm or the healing cream , or if it doesn’t really matter. Please respond soon!!!

  13. Will this work if u are 16 and wear a 34 A?

  14. i still dont get how you grew

    • This post was actually written sarcastically. I did NOT grow overnight. The bras I bought were not the right size or me. I was just trying to be funny. I have no real idea how o ake your breasts larger.

  15. britney tanner says:


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